MartiDerm is the leading family-owned Spanish skincare and derma cosmeceutical company. It specialized in creating high-quality skincare products not only for common skin issues but also for specific ones. Started in 1952 by the great grandfather José Martí Tor, a pioneer of his time, the brand believes in delivering what it promises. It’s formulating skincare that is effective and beneficial.

Thanks to its strong connection and affinity with dermatologists, pharmacists and consumers, MartiDerm along with Cigalah Medpharm – the authorized distributor of MartiDerm in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain – provide solutions with innovative, effective and high tech formulation on the highest standards for the care and well-being for the whole family and any beauty goal.

What is the secret of MartiDerm success?

MartiDerm developed a legendary and unique formula, internationally recognized. The last combines Proteoglycans and pure Vitamin C. It helps to regenerate skin following the aggressive peel treatments that dermatologists often used at the time. MartiDerm chose the ampoule format to protect the formula from contact with light and air. It prevents oxidation of the pure Vitamin C, the most active form of all its variations. The experts created a new category that went on to revolutionize the derma-cosmetic market around the world. The ampoules are the product that best exemplifies the brand’s success. This story continues through permanent new product development to follow market trends and customer’s needs.

Let us introduce you the range of the MartiDerm products

Likewise, MartiDerm collaborated scientifically with dermatologists of the time. The company also managed some scientific and clinical studies, seeking out the best formulas for complex cases to provide the ultimate solution. Thereby MartiDerm created specific skincare product lines. We’d highlight the lines such as Pigment Zero (to prevent and treat pigmentation and dark spots), Acniover (to get rid of pimples and to treat acne-prone skin). Also, don’t pass by the Anti-Hair Loss line and Driosec (prevent normal and excessive sweating). Besides, the effective mentioned product lines the company developed very intensive, innovative and strong anti-aging lines such as Platinum and Black Diamond. The lasts stand for efficacy on the highest market standard empowered by the customer’s endorsement. Bestseller and customers’ first choice Flash line (serum and ampoules) has become a must-have product in the daily beauty care routine of celebrities and satisfied customers.

Almost all MartiDerm products provide an immediate effect with visible results. However, whatever the MartiDerm product you use you always meet a pleasant satisfaction and the result you desire. Definitely, you can always count on the expert’s advice whenever needed and required.

Try it once and you will not want to use anything else because you deserve only the best!

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