Bioserv La Belle B&F Cream Calming and Healing

Bioserv La Belle B&F Cream | Calming and Healing

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La Belle Cream is a unique patent formula, newly introduced to MENA region, and is used after aesthetic procedures for supporting skin beauty and health after injections and relieve any side effects.

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The Bioserv La Belle B&F cream is a highly sophisticated product that protects the skin’s natural youth and beauty. This protective cream safeguards your skin because it soothes and moisturizes from the very first application. Apply the B&F calming and healing cream directly on the skin area right after any aesthetic injection. This product protects even the most sensitive types of skin against unpleasant side effects such as itching, redness and irritations. You can apply The La Belle cream safely two times a day or as much as you like. Don’t suffer from the aftermath of getting aesthetic injections, so let your skin shine from the very first minute!


Skin Type: Safe and suitable to use on all skin types. Best recommended on skin that has recently undergone aesthetic injections.


Size: Flask and applicator with 30 ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed collagen effectively aids the skin to gain a healthy and youthful appearance. In addition to this, this high-end ingredient soothes out expression lines and changes the texture of the skin.
  • Resveratrol is a compound that helps protect the surface of the skin, while it stops negative environmental influences. In addition to this, resveratrol has skin calming properties that minimize redness and brighten dull complexions.
  • Rosehip oil moisturizes and brightens skin, has anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties, and can promote quicker healing after aesthetic treatments. In addition to this, rosehip oil can reduce skin pigmentation, fight acne and even help minimize stretch marks.
  • Elastin allows the skin to expand and bounce back safely and with structure. Because of this, a proper intake of elastin can prevent or treat fine lines, and the loss of firmness.
  • Essential oils


Instructions to use:

This product is to be applied on aging skin that has recently underwent aesthetic injections of any kind. Immediately after receiving the injection, pour a few drops of the B&F cream on the palm of your hand. Spread the cream evenly all over the area that has been injected. While applying, perform a gentle massage with your fingertips to smooth skin out. Apply the B&F cream twice a day for as long as you like. Apply the cream as often as you want. Store the B&F cream in a dry, cool place and away from direct sunlight.


Benefits of Bioserv La Belle B&F | Calming & Healing Cream:

  • Smoothing and moisturizing cream.
  • Great healing action after receiving aesthetic injections.
  • Protects skin from unpleasant side effects of injections.
  • Reduces itching, redness, and irritated skin.
  • Safeguards skin right after cosmetic treatments.
  • SPF 25 factor that protects from UV lights.
  • Safe to use on even the most sensitive kind of skin.


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