Dual Phase Toner

Bruno Vassari Dual Phase Toner

A Bi-phasic toner for the complete cleansing of your skin.


This Dual Phase Toner from the Glyco System line will provide your skin with a double action. It will cleanse your skin thoroughly, while giving your face a soft exfoliation action. After the use of this dual action toner, your skin will be prepared for any treatment.

Skin Type: Suitable for hyperpigmented, photoaged, oily, and any skin type that needs regeneration.

Size:  200 ml bottle


Main Active Ingredients:

  • The 8% Glycolic Acid in this formula gives your skin a soft exfoliation. This Alpha Hydroxy acid dissolves the bonds that hold dead skin cells. As a result, your dead skin cells will get wiped away easily and your younger skin will reveal.
  • Dry Flo TS is present in this formula to smooth your skin. This ingredient is an innovative active that is derived from modified yucca starch. It gives your skin a velvety finish, while leaving your skin uniform. Moreover, your skin will also appear Matt, lacking a shiny/oily appearance. 
  • This formula also includes moisturizing agents in order to hydrate your skin.


Instructions to use:

Before using this toner, shake the bottle well in order for the two phases to blend well together. Take a cotton pad and damp it with the Dual Phase Toner. Wipe your face with the damped cotton pad to mechanically wipe all the impurities and dead skin cells. Apply it every night.

In order to get the best results, use this product along with the other products from the Lab Division Line.


Benefits of the Bruno Vassari Dual Phase Toner:

  • First, this toner acts as complete cleansing system for your skin.
  • Second, this toner provides a soft exfoliation of your skin.
  • Third, it smooths as well as moisturizes your face.
  • Finally, this dual gem prepares your skin for the next treatments. After the use of this toner, your skin is ready to welcome any further skincare.


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