Bruno Vassari HA50X Beauty Gift Kit Moisturizing

Bruno Vassari HA50X Beauty Gift Kit | Moisturizing

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Bruno Vassari Moisturizing Kit contains 2 products formulated with Hyaluronic Acid in a unique way.  The formula has a capacity 50 times greater for capturing water and increasing its moisturizing power.

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The Bruno Vassari HA50X Beauty is the perfect gift for ageing skin that needs intensive moisturizing action. This Hyaluronic Moisturizing Kit contains one Hyaluronic Cream Pollution Neutralizer and one Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Filler.


The Hyaluronic Cream Pollution Neutralizer brings you daily protection against external free radicals. Its formula brings maximum moisturizing to the skin while it prevents early signs of ageing due to cellular oxidation. Safe to use on all skin types, even the most sensitive kind.


The Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Filler is a super-concentrated serum that targets very specific points in your face to smooth out expression lines. Its formula promotes a youthful skin, more firm, elastic and flexible. Best recommended for ageing skin with dull appearance.


Skin Type: Safe and suitable to use on all skin types. This Beauty Gift Kit is best recommended for ageing and dehydrated skin.


Size: Box Set contains:

  • 1 Bruno Vassari Lab Division HA50X Hyaluronic Cream Pollution Neutralizer jar with 50 ml
  • 1 Bruno Vassari Lab Division HA50X Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Filler flask with 15 ml


Main Active Ingredients:

Formula of the Hyaluronic Cream Pollution Neutralizer contains:

  • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid
  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid

Formula of the Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Filler contains:

  • Pure hyaluronic acid concentrate


Instructions to use:

To get the best results over time, we recommend applying the Filler first and then the Pollution Neutralizer.

  • Firstly, to apply the Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Filler, start by washing your face with your desired cleanser. Then pour a few drops of the filler directly onto your skin and start spreading with your fingertips. Meanwhile cover the face, neck and neckline with a gentle massage and let the product absorb.
  • Secondly, to apply the Hyaluronic Cream Pollution Neutralizer, take a small amount of the cream and spread it all over your face, neck and neckline. Apply with circular massages to promote circulation. Let the product absorb completely. Use both products twice a day.


Benefits of Moisturizing HA50X Beauty Gift Kit:

Hyaluronic Cream Pollution Neutralizer

  • Protects skin against free radicals.
  • Guarantee the optimal hydration of the skin.
  • Thus, brings the elasticity and flexibility to the skin to make it healthy.
  • The formula fights earliest signs of ageing such as expression lines and wrinkles.
  • Last but not least, anti-pollution formula that purifies skin.


Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Filler

  • First and foremost, it’s super-concentrated hyaluronic serum.
  • Point out, the filler brings strong hydration to skin all day long.
  • As a result, the formula aims for a youthful, firm, elastic as well as flexible skin.
  • In addition, it brings volume to the facial tissue.
  • In the list but not the last, fights wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Last of all but not least, the Filler adds density to the skin to give it a youthful appearance.


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