Bruno Vassari Kianty Eye Lift OX 15 ml

Bruno Vassari Kianty Eye Lift-OX 15ml

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Decontracting and wrinkle smoothing intensive effect for the eye contour and bags under the eyes as well as the tension-relieving effect.

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A skincare tool like you’ve never seen before. This product is a true miracle for your aging eyes. The Bruno Vassari Kianty Eye Lift-Ox is a corrective treatment to minimize the bags under your eyes. This serum not only hydrates but it also promotes circulation and whitens the skin around the eyes. Say hello to an even skin tone as well as smooth, velvety skin.


Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, especially aging ones, prone to hyperpigmentation. Recommended mainly for younger skin up to 40 years old without very deep wrinkles.


Size: Flask and applicator with 15 ml.


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Haloxyl is a high-tech compound that acts directly over hemoglobin and its derivatives in the organism. Because the accumulation of said hemoglobin leads to poor blood circulation, this causes bags under your eyes. Haloxyl contains two different peptides that reinforce the dermic matrix, significantly strengthening the skin’s microvascular net and reducing fragility.
  • Argireline is an active synthetic effect derived from the Hexapeptide Botox. The six different natural amino acids found in Argireline make up for the safest alternative to Botox. Thus, this compound attacks mimic, periocular, frontal, perinasal and lobular wrinkles. Argireline isolates each wrinkle by decontracting it while it provides muscle and fibroblastic relaxation.
  • The Matrixyl is a pentapeptide designed to fill each individual wrinkle thanks to its cellular stimulation ability. This ingredient strengthens the dermo-epidermal bond because it increases the collagen synthesis of each facial zone.
  • Lasilium is a special molecule that comes from silicon and Lactic Acid and has a very powerful hydrating action. Lasilium regenerates tissues, preserves your skin’s integrity and reconstructs epidermis’ natural moisture factor (NMF).
  • Grape Polyphenols have a surprising anti-radical and toning action on your skin. As a result, grape Polyphenols increase the vessel’s strength, tighten skin and inhibit the glycation events between proteins and collagen.
  • Vitamin E is an ultra-rich antioxidant that targets skin cells and prevents them from oxidative stress and other free radicals.


Instructions to use:

For better global results, use the Bruno Vassari Kianty Eye Lift-Ox along with other products from the Kianty Line, namely Kianty Viniferin Lips Cream.

Apply a few drops of Bruno Vassari Kianty Eye Lift-Ox serum directly on the area around the eyes, concentrating on the bags. Give a gentle massage with the tip of your fingers and let the product completely absorb. Use this product twice a day, in the mornings and nighttime.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari Kianty Eye Lift-OX:

  • Minimizes and smoothes wrinkles individually.
  • Intensive effect with proven results in a few weeks.
  • Whitens dark circles under the eyes.
  • Diminishes bags under the eyes up to 60%.
  • Straightens and fills wrinkles because of its Botox-like effect.


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