Bruno Vassari Lab Biotics Beauty Gift Kit Healthy Skin

Bruno Vassari Lab Biotics Beauty Gift Kit | Healthy Skin

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Skin defense is the main purpose of Lab Biotics Healthy Skin Gift Kit. It ensures a more effective defense barrier to the skin, strengthening its resistance to the environment, stress and pollution.

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Give the gift of healthy skin with the Bruno Vassari Lab Biotics Beauty Gift Kit. This box set focuses on skin barrier creation and antibacterial action. The gift kit includes one Skin Defense Booster Capsules and one Lab Biotics Advanced Cream.


The Skin Defense Booster Capsules is a highly regenerative cream that nourishes the skin deeply. Its probiotic formula balances skin flora and acts as a natural protective barrier against free radicals.


The Lab Biotics Advanced Cream reactivates skin’s cellular renewal, thus getting the natural barrier of your skin back to a healthy state. In addition to this, this advanced cream moisturizes deeply and revitalizes your face, while protecting it from external damaging factors.


Skin Type: Safe and suitable to use on all skin types. Best recommended on sensitive skin, prone to irritations and constant infections.


Size: Beauty Gift Kit contains:

  • Bruno Vassari Lab Biotics Skin Defense Booster jar with 30 capsules
  • Bruno Vassari Lab Biotics Advanced Cream


Main Active Ingredients:

The Skin Defense Booster Capsules contain:

  • Lab-made combination of prebiotic and probiotic ingredients

The Lab Biotics Advanced Cream contains:

  • Balanced formula with prebiotic and probiotic compounds


Instructions to use:

We recommend a daily application of both of these products to show improved results.

  • To apply the Defense Booster Capsules, start off with a clean and dry face. Crack a one-use capsule open, and spread the serum all over your face using your fingertips. Activate your skin by giving your face a gentle massage in circular motions. According to your skin type and age, you can concentrate on the area beneath your eyes. After full absorption, proceed with the rest of your skin care routine.
  • To apply the Lab Biotics Advanced Cream, take a small amount of the product, and spread it all over your face by patting it. Activate your skin by giving your face a gentle massage and let the product absorb completely.


Benefits of Lab Biotics Beauty Gift Kit for Healthy Skin:

Defense Booster Capsules

  • Act in the shape of capsules with concentrated serum for easier definition of dose application.
  • Strengthen the skin resistance to the environment, stress, and pollution.
  • Furthermore, fights premature aging signs.
  • Moreover, the capsules boost the skin’s natural defense.
  • Last but not least, replenish and nourish the skin.


Lab Biotics Advanced Cream

  • First and foremost, the perfect step for a rejuvenating skin routine.
  • Thanks to its rich pre- and probiotic actives, it stabilizes the flora of the skin as well as reactivates its own cellular renewal.
  • The high-tech ingredients boost the skin’s natural defense barriers to protect from free radicals.
  • Due to all the above, it fights premature aging signs such as wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Provides great resistance for skin tissue.
  • Finally, deeply moisturizes and revitalizes.


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