Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters 02 Detox 30ml

Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters 02 Detox 30ml

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This is a concentrated oxygenate that comes as drops. Purified and fresh skin – the impact this product will make on your skin. How It captures free radicals, thus aiding in the oxygenation of the cells.

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Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters 02 Detox is an oxygenating concentrate that optimizes cutaneous cell’s natural protection mechanisms. With a free radical-capturing action, this Lab Boosters product helps cell’s natural oxygenation. With constant use, your skin not only will look but also feel purified. Your skin thru the detox concentrate impact will transform into a younger, fresher as well as glowing one. The formula is made up of a very powerful oxygenating concentrate that acts on the deepest layers of skin. Use it two times a day and watch your face renew itself from inside out.


Skin Type: The Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters 02 Detox is suitable and safe to use on all types of skin. Best recommended on ageing skin from 30 years up, that starts to look uneven and dull. Recommended also on dehydrated skin.


Size: Flask and dropper/applicator with 30 ml


Main Active Ingredients:

Concentrated Oxygenate of the 02 Detox acts on the deepest layers of skin to regenerate it from the core. With constant use, this Lab Booster product will provide a healthier appearance to your face. The oxygenating concentrate revitalizes cellular natural metabolism while it optimizes your cell’s oxygen intake. The purpose of the formula is to allow your skin to “breathe” easier and renew itself quicker. In addition to this, the concentrate improves intercellular communication and acts as a protective shield from oxidative stress.


Instructions to use:

To apply the Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters 02 Detox start off with a clean and dry face.  Then pour 5 to 7 drops of the 02 Detox concentrate on your hand. Spread it all over your face, neck and decollete with light touches of your fingertips. Activate your skin by giving your face a gentle massage. After application, let the concentrate completely absorb and do not remove excess product. After this you can continue with your regular day cream and sunscreen or night cream, depending on the time of the day. Repeat application two times a day, at mornings and nighttime too.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters 02 Detox:

  • Convenient presentation with dropper not only for an easy but also mess-free application.
  • High-tech formula that prevents and acts on premature cutaneous ageing.
  • Recommended for congested, dull, uneven, dehydrated in addition to prematurely ageing skin types.
  • The oxygenating concentrate acts on the deepest layers of skin, helping it regenerate inside out as a result.
  • The 02 Detox concentrate optimizes cellular oxygen intake, helping them metabolize naturally in a more effective way.
  • This product is the perfect shield against oxidative stress, while it improves intercellular communication.


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