Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters Skin Clarifier 30ml

Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters Skin Clarifier 30ml

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A concentrate that decreases sebaceous secretion and avoids swelling caused by the excess of grease.

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Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters Skin Clarifier is a concentrate that purifies the skin as well as maintains a matte, uniform and protected skin. This high-tech concentrate decreases skin’s sebaceous secretions and also avoids swelling caused by excess grease clogged in pores. The formula effectively blocks all adhesion of impurities while respecting the physiology of the epidermis. Use this product twice a day. In a matter of weeks,  your skin will become even and visibly clear.


Skin Type: The Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters Skin Relief is suitable and safe to use on all skin types. Best recommended on oily skin with excess sebum production and an oily T-zone. Also recommended for  uneven skin tone.


Size: Flask and dropper/applicator with 30 ml


Main Active Ingredients:

With high-tech ingredients, the Lab Boosters serum will gradually purify your skin and even out your skin tone. In addition to this, the concentrate decreases sebaceous secretions while avoiding swelling caused by excess grease.

Lipacide: Offers skin protection and regulation by restoring the “acid layer”. It fights against the proliferation of the germs responsible for skin and hair problems.

Teflose: is a natural branched polysaccharide, rhamnose-rich, obtained by bacterial fermentation. It plays the role of an anti-adhesive protective cover (“TeflonTM​-like” effect). It also helps to modulate the resultant inflammatory response generated by microbial aggression and to decrease the feeling of discomfort.

Niacinamide has anti-inflammatory actions that may benefit people with inflammatory skin conditions. It helps in lowering the sebum excretion rate, and used specifically to reduce acne.


Instructions to use:

To apply the Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters Skin Clarifier start off with a clean and dry face.  Then pour 5 to 7 drops of the Skin Clarifier concentrate on your hand. Spread the substance over your face, neck and decollete with light patting using your fingertips. Activate your skin by giving your face a gentle massage. After application, let the concentrate completely absorb and do not remove excess product. Afterwards, continue with your regular day cream and sunscreen or night cream, depending on the time of day. Repeat application twice a day, morning and night.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters Skin Clarifier:

  • Convenient presentation with dropper for an easy and mess-free application.
  • The perfect step in a clarifying skin routine for acne skin with signs such as dark spots and marks.
  • The most powerful cell renewal designed to help your skin change tissue faster.
  • With use, the Skin Clarifier will gradually purify your skin, regulating the excessive sebum.
  • The concentrate decreases sebaceous secretions while avoiding swelling caused by excess grease, resulting in regaining a balanced skin.
  • The results are visible in a matter of weeks.
  • The Lab Booster concentrates are free of fragrance and coloring to avoid further irritations.


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