Bruno Vassari Massage Candle Jasmine Massage Oil

Bruno Vassari Massage Candle Jasmine | Massage Oil


The massage candle based on jasmine oil has body senses stimulating properties. It also creates a relaxing atmosphere while the oil evaporates.

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The Bruno Vassari Jasmine Massage Oil is a body massage candle made up from an all-natural Jasmine extract oil. This candle has a low fusion temperature and uses only vegetable waxes to transform into a safe and soft massage oil. Jasmine has stimulating, moisturizing and strong aphrodisiac properties when acting on skin. The formula helps improve skin elasticity as well as the appearance of new and old stretch marks. Use this candle as part of a relaxing massage, thanks to its stress-release action, both muscular and mental.

Skin Type: Safe and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive kind. Best recommended on tense skin with stretch marks.


Size: Box contains 1 candle of 200 gr in a jar with a nozzle.


Main Active Ingredients:

This massage candle is made from Jasmine oil, a direct extract from Jasmine flower. Jasmine oil is one of the most luxurious and hard-to-obtain ingredients, thus this candle is a real delight. Jasmine essential oil acts as one of the most effective natural antibacterial. This ingredient soothes dry skin and eczema irritations by increasing cell turnover to lighten the appearance of scars. Jasmine is useful to treat several skin imbalances in a natural way; it can balance hormone levels. Also, jasmine works wonders in any stress-reducing therapy. In addition to this, jasmine oil improves skin elasticity and soothes the appearance of new and old stretch marks.


Instructions to use:

The Senses Massage Candle in Jasmine aroma is a product that acts in contact with fire. Because of this, we strongly recommend handling this product carefully. To use the Massage candle, light it up at the candlewick and let it burn for a few minutes. Passing approximately 15 minutes, you’ll notice the candle starts to melt and turn into a liquid oil. When this happens, the candle is ready to be used.


Blow out the candle and test the temperature with your finger or in a small area of skin in your arm. Don’t skip this step as it is for your safety. Once the temperature is right, start pouring the liquid oil slowly over the desired area of the skin. Spread the product with both hands and apply a gentle, relaxing massage. We strongly advise to not use this product on neither facial skin or open or exposed wounds.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari Jasmine Massage Oil formulated as a candle:

  • Low infusion temperature which allows for a safe application.
  • The jasmine oil has strong stimulating and aphrodisiac properties.
  • Deeply hydrating compound that improves skin elasticity. It even reduces the appearance or new and old stretch marks due to its healing properties.
  • Great relaxing power, both muscular and mental.
  • The calming scent reduces tension and improves mood significantly.


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