Bruno Vassari Oily Control Concentrate Pure Solutions

Bruno Vassari Oily Control Concentrate | Pure Solutions

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Purifying concentrate formulated to regulate the excess of sebum from oily skins or those with breakout tendencies thanks to Salicylic acid. More clean and smoother skin as a result due to the consistent use for a long time.

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The Bruno Vassari Oily Control Concentrate is a complete professional care for the skin in 10 tubes which regulate excess of sebum. The ideal solution for oily skins that have breakout tendencies, this concentrate fights excessive sebum production in a safe and soothing manner. Made from an exclusive formula that mixes the action of Vitamin B3 and the Salicylic Acid.


Skin Type: Safe and suitable for oily skin types, and skin prone to breakouts and acne due to excess oil on the surface. Best recommended on moderately to severe oily skin.


Size: Box with 10 tubes 3 ml each.


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Vitamin B3, also known as Niacinamide, in the formula is perfect to minimize the appearance of open pores on the skin. This vitamin can also even out skin tone and reduce dark spots, soften certain lines and marks caused by acne. Vitamin B3 fights the dullness of skin and brings out a natural radiance, promoting healthy and clear skin.
  • Salicylic Acid is commonly found in most skincare products to remove imperfections thanks to its great antibacterial and anti-sebum action. Salicylic Acid is a high-tech Beta Hydroxy Acid that acts in a keratolytic manner in order to reduce thickness in the skin. This ingredient promotes shredding in the skin’s outermost layer because it gets rid of superficial imperfections and marks, leading the way for a new layer. Salicylic Acid can “dry out” the most common types of acne and significantly reduce the excess oil production in the skin.


Instructions to use Oily Control Concentrate:

The Pure Solutions purifying concentrate comes with 10 small tubes which must be open for a single application. Wash your face, rinse it and pat-dry it before you apply this product. Open one of the tubes and pour the content on the palm of your hand. Spread the concentrate all over your face with feather-like touches using your fingertips. To activate the ingredients of the formula you must give your face a gentle massage with circular motions. Let the concentrate sit on your skin and allow the formula to absorb completely so the regulation action is more effective. Once your skin is dry, continue with the rest of your skincare routine and don’t forget to moisture. This skincare product works best if used at nighttime, once or twice a week.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari Oily Control Concentrate:

  • The lightweight formula of the sebum control concentrate allows for quick absorption.
  • Regulates the excess sebum on the skin that results in constant breakouts.
  • Vitamin B3 makes for a perfect soothing effect to control the irritations that might come with Salicylic Acid treatments.
  • The Salicylic Acid can fight small bacteria that cause excess sebum and common types of acne.


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