Bruno Vassari Oily Control Mask Pure Solutions

Bruno Vassari Oily Control Mask | Pure Solutions

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Control and anti-impurity mask. It leaves the skin clean and helps to close the pores. The results are immediate.

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The Pure Solutions Oily Control is a natural-based peel-off mask. The formula contains alginates, which can close the pores, soothe irritations and clear skin of imperfections and excess sebum. One box contains 6 masks that show immediate results on oily skin with acne breakouts.


Skin Type: This product is safe and suitable for moderately to severely oily skin types that show imperfections. Best recommended for skins with excess sebum production and prone to acne breakouts.


Size:  Box with 6 sachets/masks 30 grams each.


Main Active Ingredients:

The alginates that make up for this face mask formula are naturally derived from brown algae, also known as Phaeophycota. Alginates are water-soluble polysaccharides that (when hydrated) acquire a gel-like consistency. This natural ingredient has the amazing ability to soften and hydrate the skin, soothing irritations and leaving it silky in texture. The alginates in the Pure Solutions Oily Control Mask have purifying effects and can act in a safe manner against sebum production without causing further irritation.


Instructions to use:

We highly recommend using the Bruno Vassari Oily Control Mask along with the rest of the Pure Solutions line for best results. Make sure your face is clean and dry before applying this peel-off mask. Open the individual sachet and take out the content of the mask, which has a gel-like consistency. Spread the content all over your face using your fingertips while you give a gentle massage in circular motions with your fingertips.


Cover all of your face, paying attention not to cover the area around the eyes or lips. Let the mask dry out. It might take up to 20 minutes until this happens. When the face mask is completely dry, you’ll know your skin is actively absorbing the benefits of the formula. Gently start peeling off the mask by the corners, being really careful not to irritate skin by peeling too fast or too harshly. Work from the corners to the center of the mask, the nose and eye area being the last places to peel.


Once you’re done, make sure there’s no mask left on your skin. You can make sure to completely remove the mask by rinsing your face with lukewarm water and letting it dry in a natural way. Move on with the rest of your skin care routine. Don’t forget to moisturize. Since peel-off masks can cause sagging and irritation when overused, we recommend applying only once a week.


Benefits of Oily Control Mask:

  • Natural ingredient formula that’s safe to use even on sensitive skin.
  • The Pure Solutions Oil-Control Mask leaves skin clean and clear of imperfections.
  • Immediate results, your pores will visibly shrink, and skin will appear with less sebum shine.


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