Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Balancing Toner 250 ml

Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Balancing Toner 250 ml


– Refreshes the skin.
– Refines the skin texture.
– Tightens the pores giving a great comfort sensation.

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This Astringent Matifying Lotion refreshes skin, helping it completely clean off even the oiliest and shiny types of skin. The toner refines skin texture and tightens skin pores improving overall appearance. The ingredients of this formula help bring a calming and comforting sensation right from the first application. Show off the skin you’ve always wanted with the high-tech formula with ingredients such as Iris Extract and vitamin A. The Zinc Salts and Salicylic Acid have powerful antiseptic action to prevent further breakouts and excess sebum. Don’t waste time and start using Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Balancing Toner from now.


Skin Type: Suitable for a mix to oily skin.


Size: Bottle with 250 ml and applicator.


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Iris Extract in the formula provides the highest anti-inflammatory, decongesting and astringent action. Iris Extract tightens skin pores and gives an overall natural appearance to face.
  • Zinc Salts have antiseptic properties that also help regulate particularly high sebum levels on skin outermost layers. It brings down sebum production in the skin and prevents the appearance of acne.
  • Vitamin A in the Pure Solutions Balancing Toner regenerates skin and regulates sebum. This vitamin improves skin overall state, regenerating damaged tissues caused by acne.
  • Salicylic Acid has a keratolytic action that reduces thickness in the outermost layers of skin. This action helps active substances penetrate skin thus giving it a more even appearance.


Instructions to use:

For optimal results, use this product alongside the rest of the Oily Skin Pure Solutions line. For example, use the Cleansing Gel to leave the skin perfectly clean and apply the Balance Fluid to hydrate with a matte appearance after the toner. Use Corrective Cream for the most problematic areas, specifically the T-zone area to give extra protection.

To use Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Balancing Toner pour a small amount of product on a cotton ball and apply thoroughly. Make sure to cover correctly all of your face and neck. Apply this product after cleansing your skin twice a day: in mornings and night time.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Balancing Toner:

  • Refreshens your face, giving skin a complete balancing action in mornings and nights.
  • Ideal to use on a mix or oily skin and skin with shiny appearance due to excess sebum.
  • Evens skin texture and appearance after a few weeks of application.
  • The Iris Extract found in the formula of the Pure Solutions Balancing Toner helps pores tighten naturally.
  • It provides a great comforting and calming sensation.
  • The high-tech formula that soothes redness and puffiness caused by external irritating factors.
  • The perfect product to give your skin a little pick-me-up before you start your day and right before going to bed.


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