Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Corrective Cream 50 ml

Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Corrective Cream 50ml


Bruno Vassari Corrective Cream normalizes the balance as well as the appearance of the skin with excess oil, thus reduces and prevents the formation of blackheads and other impurities.

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Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Corrective Cream is the perfect blemish skincare cream to fight local outbreaks. This product regulates excess oil, blackheads and blemishes that result in a shiny and uneven face. Conveniently created to apply locally, the corrective cream can treat even the smallest imperfections without unbalancing your facial skin. Designed specifically for oily to severely oily skin and trouble areas like the T-zone, this cream doesn’t dry out the skin. Get rid once and for all of the undesirable blackheads, zits and breakouts and finally show the face you always dreamed of. Bruno Vassari Corrective Cream contains a healthy glow on the inside.


Skin Type: Suitable and recommended for oily to excessively oily skin.


Size: Tube with 50 ml.


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Bio-Sulfur is a high-tech ingredient that regulates the hypersecretion of sebum in the skin. This component has strong keratolytic action, which means it effectively removes dead skin cells from the epidermis. Bio-sulfur also has antiseptic properties and improves the overall appearance of skin with a healthy glow.
  • The absorbent complex in this Corrective Cream helps close pore down and remain clear. It also eliminates unwanted shine and leaves skin looking smooth and with a matte finish.
  • Triclosan is one of the strongest compounds in the fight against oily skin. Thus, Triclosan affects the degrading progress of sebum in the skin’s innermost layers. Sebum is responsible for the creation of blackheads that clog dilated pores.


Instructions to use:

Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Corrective Cream acts wonders when included in oily skin treatment.

To apply, pour one or two drops of the product directly over the imperfection. After the local application, rub softly with the tip of your finger all over the blemished spot. Let the product sit until it’s been completely absorbed. You can repeat this process a few times a day.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Corrective Cream:

  • Regulates the appearance of excess sebum in any type of skin.
  • Fights off the responsible for blackheads and common blemishes: acne.
  • The Bio-sulfur in the formula has a strong sebum-degrading action, to gradually reduce the oily appearance of skin.
  • Triclosan in this Corrective Cream has antiseptic properties to prevent further breakouts.
  • The product evens out the appearance of your skin, fading out redness, dark spots and acne marks.
  • Thanks to its local application you can focus specifically on trouble areas of imperfection or breakout.
  • Brings your skin a much-needed sensation of comfort while reducing inflammation and puffiness.


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