Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Oil-Free Moisturizing Gel 50 ml

Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Oil-Free Moisturizing Gel 50ml


Oil-Free Moisturizing Gel provides intensive hydration to the skin. Therefore a healthy glow without any unwanted shine for oily and mix skin is not a dream anymore.

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Probably the freshest moisturizer you’ll find. This product has a non-greasy texture, thus providing intense levels of hydration to the skin without sticky sense. Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Oil-Free Moisturizing Gel protects your skin’s natural equilibrium. Apply it twice a day and be marveled at how quickly it’s absorbed by your skin. Show a healthy and glowing appearance but without that unwanted shine that displays on oily skin. As a result, you can even apply this product directly over open acne-related lesions.


Skin Type: Suitable for oily and combination skin with constant breakouts of acne.


Size: Tube with 50 ml.


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Iris Extract brings to your skin a high anti-inflammatory action. Iris is very effective to eliminate water retention on the skin, which causes bags under the eyes and puffiness. This ingredient gives skin a natural aspect because of its astringent and decongesting properties.
  • Zinc Salts are very effective, and much needed to keep the most delicate areas of skin in top shape. Zinc protects the skin around the eyes, as well as the perinasal area. It also restructures and controls balance.
  • Vitamin A is commonly known in the dermatological market as retinol. Vitamin A is one of the most essential ingredients for your skin, protecting it against free radical action. As a result, this vitamin keeps skin tissue firm and nourished.


Instructions to use:

Cleanse your facial skin like you normally would. Along with this moisturizing gel we recommend applying other products from the Pure Solutions line, like the Cleansing Gel.

To apply, pour a small amount of the gel on the palm of your hand and spread it all over. Lather the product with gentle motions and let it completely absorb, don’t rinse off or remove excess product. Wait a few minutes before continuing with the rest of your routine so the action is more effective. Use this moisturizing gel twice a day, in mornings and nighttime.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Oil-Free Moisturizing Gel 50 ml:

  • Protects your skin natural balance while it promotes an imperfection-free appearance.
  • A quick-absorbing formula that gives you a healthy glow without any unwanted shine.
  • The Iris Extract in the formula has strong anti-inflammatory, astringent and decongestant properties.
  • Vitamin A has the ultimate antiseptic and cell multiplication action, which helps your skin renew itself.
  • It provides the deepest hydration even to the driest areas of the skin.
  • An ideal product to use while being on a dermatological retinol treatment against acne.
  • Your skin will get back its fresh and youthful appearance.


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