Bruno Vassari White Brightening Lotion 250 ml

Bruno Vassari White Brightening Lotion 250 ml

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The main point of using the Brightening Toner is to normalize your skin’s pH balance, in addition to brightening and refreshing effect.

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Enjoy a spot-free skin thanks to the Bruno Vassari White Brightening Lotion. The formula combines ingredients such as the Kojic Acid extract, Vitamin C concentrate and powerful whitening ingredients. This lotion is both brightening and refreshing, which makes it the perfect step for a complete skin care routine. Gives facial skin a new, smooth texture and unifies its complexion thanks to the powerful whitening ingredients. Apply this product after removing your makeup and feel toned and moisturized skin as you’ve never felt it before. Watch your skin gradually brighten.


Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, above all those with hyperpigmentation issues in targeted areas of the face.


Size: Bottle with 250 ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Kojic Acid which inhibits melanin synthesized, avoiding the production of new dark spots and reducing pigmentation in the existing ones.
  • Vitamin C in the formula protects skin against free radicals thanks to its powerful antioxidant action. Similarly, Vitamin C leaves skin looking fairer and shinier.
  • Whitening ingredients help skin reach an even tone that looks much more clear after a few weeks of use.


Instructions to use:

For optimal results, use this product alongside the rest of the Bruno Vassari White skincare line. Use with the White Day Protection SPF 15 to prevent further dark spots caused by sun exposure. The White Light as a targeted dark spot corrector, the White Pure C is a great serum to help combat hyperpigmentation and illuminate the skin. For cleansing and preparing of skin use the White Creamy Cleansing Foam.

To use the Bruno Vassari White Brightening Lotion apply it after removing your makeup and washing your face with White Cleansing Foam. Pour some lotion on a cotton ball and lather it thoroughly over face, neck and decollete. Lastly, let the product absorb completely, do not rinse off or remove excess product. Apply White Pure C serum and then day or night cream.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari White Brightening Lotion:

  • Gives skin a unified and smooth texture after a few weeks of application.
  • Active ingredients such as Kojic Acid inhibit melanin production to reduce the appearance of dark spots and prevent further ones.
  • The perfect step to prepare skin for a professional whitening treatment.
  • Highly antioxidant action thanks to its Vitamin C complex.
  • Gives an even appearance of fair and glowy skin.
  • Ideal to apply after removing your makeup at night during your routine.
  • Practical product applicator to pour the lotion in a safe manner.
  • Dermatologically tested, so it’s suitable for even the most sensitive types of skin.


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