Bruno Vassari White Pure C Whitening Essence

Bruno Vassari White Pure C | Whitening Essence

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Bruno Vassari Pure C  Whitening Essence not only whitens, illuminates the skin tone but also prevents the appearance from dark spots.

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The answer to mildly and severely darkening skin, Bruno Vassari White Pure C is a non-greasy whitening serum. This product prevents dark spots from appearing as well as treats current hyperpigmentation problems caused by aging or the sun. The mix of vitamins and natural extracts calls a gentle solution because it leaves no harmful side effects.


Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, especially those prone to hyperpigmentation.


Size: Box of 3 ampoules with 8 ml.


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Vitamin C derivative. This popular vitamin creates a protective barrier in your skin against dark spots and detrimental sun filters.
  • Lactic Acid provides very gentle exfoliation of skin outermost layer. It keeps your face moisturized, decreases aging signs and allows for a tone unification over time.
  • The Kojic Acid of the serum is a tyrosine blocker, a compound that aids the production of melanin. When melanin stops producing at a speeding rate, a lightening effect can happen on your skin.
  • Mulberry extract is the best natural ingredient to use for its brightening properties. The Mulberry can fade out dark spots and pigmentations without causing harsh effects on your skin.
  • The Cranberry extract found in this formula is packed with natural exfoliants and Vitamin A. This last one is responsible for boosting skin collagen production, much needed in the process of regeneration.
  • Liquorice extract is a hidden treasure for cosmetology. This natural compound provides calming and antioxidant protection to the skin and promotes an overall radiant appearance when used frequently.


Instructions to use:

These vials provide an intensive brightening action.

To apply, pour a small amount of serum on your face, neck and decollate and spread well with gentle circular motions. The White Pure C essence can be applied as an individual product or it can be combined with a facial lotion. Apply this product before makeup. Its non-greasy texture will be absorbed deeply and prepare the skin for other products.

WARNING: Once you open an ampoule, use the entirety of the product before 10 days. The fluid can go through an oxidative process and lose effectiveness.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari White Pure C | Whitening Essence:

  • A non-greasy texture that makes it perfect to apply along with your night cream or your daily facial lotion.
  • Perfect to apply over your face before makeup, leaves a prep layer that nourishes the skin.
  • Concentrate ingredients that penetrate deeply and act faster than any other product.
  • Lightens and illuminates skin in a unified manner.
  • Prevents the further appearance of dark spots.
  • This product stimulates cellular metabolism, favoring the collagen synthesis to tighten your skin.
  • Fragrance-free.


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