MartiDerm Driosec Intensive Roll-On

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A powerful antiperspirant and deodorant that comprehensively controls excessive sweating in the groin and armpit areas. Its unique formula contains next-generation aluminum and zirconium salts, as well as antimicrobial and moisture-regulating complexes.


Driosec Intensive Roll-On is an antiperspirant and deodorant for the comprehensive control of excessive groin and armpit sweating. The unique proportion of next-generation aluminium and zirconium salts, as well as antimicrobial and moisture regulating complexes, make Driosec the most complete range for the treatment of excessive sweating.

Skin Type: All Skin Type

Size: 50 ml

Main Active Ingredients:

  1. Aluminum Chloride: Aluminum chloride is an antiperspirant agent that helps to reduce excessive sweating. It works by blocking the sweat glands and decreasing the production of sweat.
  2. Salicylic Acid: Salicylic acid is a keratolytic agent that helps to exfoliate the skin and unclog pores. It has antibacterial properties and helps to control the growth of bacteria on the skin, reducing the risk of unpleasant odors.
  3. Aloe Vera Extract: Aloe vera extract has soothing and moisturizing properties. It helps to calm and hydrate the skin, minimizing potential irritation caused by antiperspirant ingredients.
  4. Witch Hazel Extract: Witch hazel extract is known for its astringent properties. It helps to tighten the skin and reduce pore size, providing a mattifying effect and helping to control excess oil.

Instructions to use:

Apply it in morning and / or evening, on perfectly clean and dry underarm skin.

Benefits of MartiDerm Driosec Intensive Roll-On:

  1. Excessive Sweat Reduction: The active ingredient, aluminum chloride, helps to reduce excessive sweating by blocking the sweat glands and decreasing sweat production. This provides relief for individuals who experience excessive perspiration.
  2. Odor Control: By reducing sweat production and controlling bacteria growth, the roll-on helps to minimize unpleasant body odor associated with excessive sweating.
  3. Exfoliation and Pore Cleansing: The salicylic acid in the formula helps to exfoliate the skin and unclog pores. This can improve the overall texture of the skin and prevent the buildup of sweat and bacteria in the pores.
  4. Soothing and Hydrating: Aloe vera extract soothes and moisturizes the skin, reducing potential irritation caused by antiperspirant ingredients. This helps to keep the skin comfortable and hydrated.
  5. Mattifying Effect: Witch hazel extract provides a mattifying effect on the skin, helping to control excess oil and shine. This can contribute to a fresher and drier feeling throughout the day.

MartiDerm Driosec Intensive Roll-On offers the benefit of reducing excessive sweat, controlling odor, exfoliating and unclogging pores, soothing and hydrating the skin, and providing a mattifying effect. It helps individuals manage the challenges associated with excessive sweating, promoting confidence and comfort.

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