MartiDerm Essential Blooming Toner

130.00 AED



Toner that moisturizes and brightens normal to dry skin, preparing it for further treatment. It removes impurities and leaves your skin soft and revitalized.


Blooming Toner is the facial toner from the MartiDerm Essentials range with a fresh fluid texture ideal for normal and dry skin. Brightens, softens and moisturizes, removing impurities from the skin and preparing it for subsequent treatments. Your skin always clean, soft and revitalized.

Skin Type: Normal/ Dry Skin

Size: 200 ml

Main Active Ingredients:

  1. Prebiotics: Help balance the skin microbiota.
  2. Proteoglycans: Provide structure and hydrate the skin.

Instructions to use:

• Moisten a cotton wool pad.
• Wipe gently over face, neck and neckline
• Use it after your regular cleansing.
• Do not rinse.
• Apply morning and night.

Benefits of MartiDerm Essential Blooming Toner:

  1. Refreshes and moisturizes skin.
  2. Revitalizes and tones skin.

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