MartiDerm Essential Micelar Cleansing Foam

150.00 AED



MartiDerm Micellar Foam cleanses and removes impurities and traces of makeup, leaving skin fresher and more hydrated.


MartiDerm Essential Micellar Cleansing Foam is a gentle, yet effective cleanser that removes impurities and makeup from the face and eyes without stripping the skin’s natural oils. Its micellar technology attracts dirt and oil, leaving the skin clean, soft and hydrated. Its creamy foam texture makes it easy to apply and rinse off, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Skin Type: All Skin Type

Size: 100 ml

Main Active Ingredients:

  1. Edelweiss: Antioxidant, protective and regenerates the skin barrier.
  2. Prebiotics: Help balance the skin microbiota.

Instructions to use:

• Apply on moist face.
• Massage lightly with fingertips.
• Rinse with water.

Benefits of MartiDerm Essential Micelar Cleansing Foam: 

  1. effectively clean the face.
  2. It radically eliminates all impurities and traces of make – up .
  3. The skin is immediately cleaner and fresh.
  4. Provides hydration to the skin.
  5. Can be used daily without attacking the skin.


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