MartiDerm Originals Flash Ampoules

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The Flash ampoule is a formula created to obtain an immediate lifting and anti-fatigue effect and for more moisturised and glowing skin.


MartiDerm Originals Flash Ampoules are a highly effective skincare product designed to give your skin an instant lift and glow. This unique formula is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while also brightening and hydrating the skin. Each ampoule contains a powerful blend of active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, silanol, and Vitamin C, that work together to improve skin elasticity, firmness, and overall appearance.
They are easy to use and offer quick and impressive results. The lightweight and fast-absorbing formula penetrates deeply into the skin, providing an instant lifting and tightening effect that lasts for hours.
It also help to even out skin tone and improve overall skin radiance. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to achieve a flawless, youthful complexion.

Skin Type: All Skin Type.

Size: 5 ampoules

Main Active Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid not only moisturizes but also reduces wrinkles and improves the texture of the skin;
  • Silicon moisturizes, improves skin flexibility and boosts absorption of hyaluronic acid, at the same time.

Instructions to use:

  • Tip half the content into your hand and apply.
  • Store the ampoule on the base
  • Place the lid on the dispenser.

Benefits of MartiDerm Originals Flash Ampoules: 

  • Provides immediate facelift, optical wrinkle elimination and increased skin elasticity and flexibility
  • Moisturizes and firms
  • Instant Antifatigue Effect
  • Gorgeous skin ready for perfect and lasting make-up

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