Skincode Cellular Line&Wrinkle Filler 15ml

Skincode Cellular Line & Wrinkle Filler 15ml

AED 312

– Fills and smooths away lines and wrinkles on contact.

– Softens the appearance of lip lines, frown lines and fine lines around the eye area.

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The Cellular Line & Wrinkle filler is a velvety-soft formula that appears to fill and smooth away lines and wrinkles on contact. The highly targeted applicator is ideal for softening the appearance of lip lines, frown lines and fine lines around the eye area. Its amazing active components help to fill and smooth the look of facial ripples with natural moisturizing filling spheres. The result is a properly balanced skin surface, improved glow and a renewed, more youthful skin radiance. Skincode Cellular Line & Wrinkle Filler is Paraben, formula, allergen, and fragrance-free. It is also dermatologist-tested.


Skin Type: For all skin types


Size: 15ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • ACR Complex G2. To the point, it helps improve skin elasticity and firmness for long-term benefits of the skin as well as minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Aquafill, which stimulates circulation, flushes toxins and prevents the formation of wrinkles.
  • Hyalurosmooth, which provides intense skin moisturization, reduction of facial lines and contours, smoothing of the skin surface with increased skin radiance.
  • Vitamin E, which can block free radicals and replenish lipids. It also helps slow down the skin’s aging process.
  • Vitamin A, improves the wrinkles associated with natural aging and may help to promote the production of skin-building compounds.
  • Aloe Vera extract, which is an all-around moisturizer with skin healing and antioxidant properties. It promotes faster healing of blemishes.


Instructions to use:

Use after applying your regular moisturizer or foundation, as the final step in your beauty regimen. Massage directly into the facial line or wrinkle and tap gently to fill the line and smooth away any excess product.



  • This concentrated spot-treatment instantly blurs the look of fine lines & wrinkles on your face.
  • This product contains active ingredients that target wrinkles at the source to create smoother, tighter, visibly-younger skin over the long term.
  • Skincode Cellular Line & Wrinkle Filler can be used as a volumizer, plumping and lifting cheeks, chins, jawlines, and temples and filling out thin lips.
  • It is also responsible for transporting nutrients and regulating water balance in the skin.
  • This product revitalizes and adds volume to the skin, thus diminishing the appearance of facial lines and contours.
  • It also redensifies the skin texture to minimize pores and brighten skin.
  • On the other hand, this product smooths the skin and helps the skin to become even. Moreover, it gives improved light reflection resulting in a renewed and youthful glow.
  • In a word, regular application of this filler feeds these fine lines and wrinkles in a unique way. So that it achieves maximum results in the affected areas.


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