Shipping Policy

We make delivery to all Middle East countries.

How much does shipping cost?

Delivery in UAE is free for any orders above 150 AED. Besides, the delivery in Saudi Arabia is free of charge for all orders above 300 AED, otherwise, it is 55 AED. Please use the chart below to estimate standard shipping and handling charges based on the pre-tax value for orders. Previous purchases are not eligible for adjustments.

Usually, the cost of shipping mentioned in the invoice before the order was confirmed online. But the customers may incur additional charges for heavy items (according to the table above). International customers are responsible for any additional taxes once shipped.

When will I receive my order?

It takes 1 – 2 working days for orders in the UAE; 4 – 5 days – Saudi Arabia; other countries – it might vary due to customs. Be aware that Friday, Saturday and any public holidays are not considered as working days. As soon as your order was placed on the website and confirmed online, we will prepare it and provide it to our delivery department to ship it out to you. Once your order is placed online, you’d receive the confirmation email with your order ID, list of the items you ordered, cost, VAT etc.

Country Weight up to 0.5 kgs Additional 1 Kg Additional Charges in AED
Algeria 100.00 AED 170.00 AED
Bahrain 25.00 AED 45.00 AED
Cyprus 70.00 AED 120.00 AED
Egypt 70.00 AED 120.00 AED RAS charges if any
Iran 80.00 AED 150.00 AED RDS 150+ RAS charges if any
Iraq 160.00 AED 230.00 AED RDS 150+ RAS charges if any
Israel NA  NA No service
Jordan 70.00 AED 120.00 AED
Kuwait 50.00 AED 90.00 AED
Lebanon 70.00 AED 120.00 AED
Libya 100.00 AED 170.00 AED ERS 125 + RDS 150
Morocco 100.00 AED 170.00 AED
Oman 25.00 AED 40.00 AED
Palestine 160.00 AED 230.00 AED RDS 150+ RAS charges if any
Qatar 80.00 AED 140.00 AED
Saudi Arabia 55.00 AED 95.00 AED
Syria 80.00 AED 150.00 AED ERS 125
Tunisia 100.00 AED 170.00 AED
Turkey 80.00 AED 150.00 AED RAS charges if any
Yemen 80.00 AED 150.00 AED ERS 125

Shipping during a festive season

Due to the rush during the holiday season, some customers might experience delays in

delivery. Please, bear with us as we will ensure all products are delivered. We appreciate your patience during this time.



If you have any questions about your order, please contact us at

+971 58 891 8407

+971 44 215 334

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