How I Learned When To Use The Different Types of Masks

Practically no one – women and men – can escape skin issues in at least one stage of their lives. I used to think puberty was the worst part when it comes to your skin, but I was very wrong. Environmental damages, hormonal unbalances and even stress are all factors that throw your face out of their regular state. Add to this the fact that most people don’t know how to establish the right routine and things get worse. Keep your curiosity and get learn about different types of masks.


When zits, rashes and redness appear on your skin, you might be tempted to recur to extreme measures to fix it. Before you start applying all sorts of crazy things on your face, check out this article. Hopefully, when reading my own experience you’ll find the solution for you. Learn all about the different types of masks and how they can bring balance to your skin.


My skin journey

Two girls apply Different Types of MasksWhen I was a teenager, I thought I got pretty lucky when I saw other girls my age. My skin was even-toned, smooth, pretty balanced and I rarely got pimples. Sure, a couple of times a month I had the occasional zit in the tip of my nose or forehead. But these pimples lasted no more than a week and I must admit I got pretty aggressive at them. Poking and picking were my main tactics to fight pimples, and luckily I never got bad scarring. Needless to say, my skin care routine was basically non-existent. I washed my face in the mornings with an over-the-counter soap and put on some regular cream. So I thought the hardest part was over because I heard people say puberty is the worst time for skin. Man, was I wrong!


I was 24 and I had just gone through a bad breakup and there were difficult months at work. You could say I was in a dark place and I was under A LOT of stress. Slowly, my face started filling with pimples that started next to my ears and ran all over my cheeks. These were not your typical zits, they were red, bloated and hurt a lot. I was desperate to find a solution so I started overwashing my face and scrubbing it like crazy. In my efforts to make them go away, it seems like they only grew and multiplied. I could only cover my pimples with layers of makeup, which I hated because I usually prefer to go natural. I thought I was destined to live in this skin until I discovered the power of a simple face mask.


Oily and acne-prone skin | Wellcome the Simple Mask

I came to find face masks when I was desperate for a solution to clear my skin and relief pain. For oily skin prone to acne, you need to be very careful of the types of masks you can use. Contrary to what you’d think, the best way to fight oily skin is with more hydration. The secret is to provide the RIGHT kind of hydration. When I first applied the MartiDerm Pure Mask it left a weird fresh sensation without dehydrating my skin. This mask not only controls sebum, but it also provides an astringent action to remove bacteria that cause more pimples. I used it religiously twice a week and in 4 weeks my face started slowly clearing out. Keep in mind that you should establish a whole routine to fight acne.

Marti Derm Pure Mask


Normal skin that tends to dry

When winter hits hard, there are some days the “regular” parts of my face can dry out and get red. In this case, I just grab my MatiDerm Hidro Mask and get the balanced restored. This amazing mask has a Natural Moisture Factor to help retain bigger amounts of moisture while it gently cleanses. You can use it up to 3 times a week when cold days are making your skin suffer the consequences.

MartiDerm Hidro Mask


Face masks that fit all skin types

Nowadays my skin is mostly in top condition and I’m not suffering from acne or dryness. Nonetheless, I can’t deny I became a fan of all types of masks and I love to wear them regularly. Perfect for all skin types, the Skincode Extra Gentle Skin Resurfacing Cream removes dead skin cells and helps it regenerate. Its cucumber extract, Ginseng and Lactic Acid form a gentle formula to clean skin and give it a smooth texture. When things are going well with your face, they can only get better with brighter skin.


There are several types of masks made to heal and care for all sorts of skin conditions. Be sure to make a thorough research of your face to discover your type of skin. Whatever your skin type or issue is, I’m sure to face masks will completely change your face like they changed mine. Ready to bring your face to its best, brightest, smoothest version?

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