How to Get Rid of Eye Bags

Do you know How to Get Rid of Eye Bags?

As our bodies age, our pretty faces grow dull. It’s not our fault really; it’s just our immune system weakens as the years roll by. We begin to see fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots on our once-flawless faces—not to mention those obvious eye-bags. What we should use to get rid of the eye bags? Although fine lines wrinkles and dark spots could be treated easily with serums and ampoules, under-eye bags are more stubborn.

Removing eye bags isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ve probably scoured the internet for quick fixes, and tried so many solutions. Yet, the puffiness in your eyes remains. Don’t despair. Eye-bags can totally be gotten rid of. We’ve outlined in this article some of the best skin care tips, and products, to add to your skin care routine that will reduce the appearance of eye-bags on your face.  First, let’s find out what causes these under-eye bags.

Causes of Eye-Bags

Eye-bags can happen for so many reasons. Therefore, before we dive into riddance methods and routines, we need to identify what causes them.  Here are some common causes of puffiness in the eye.

  • Aging: According to relevant studies, the under-eye bags, like sagging skin and dark circles, is one of the foremost signs of aging. Because the skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your body, it is more prone to revealing signs of aging. The tissues and muscles connected to your eyes get weaker with every year that passes. This is why the wrinkling and sagging of the delicate skin around your eye are very visible, even from a distance. Also, the older you get, the fat supporting your eye weakens and starts to sink.
  • Genetic: Sometimes, it’s just genetics, you know. Your dad or mom may have passed down their eye-bag syndromes through birth. This is a little out of your control but can be fixed with surgery.
  • Lack of Sleep: Stress and fatigue are easily reflected in the eyes. In fact, the most visible sign of tiredness in a person comes from their eyes. So, if you’re not getting enough sleep, find a means to get quality sleep.
  • Eating a lot of salt: Salty food is known to hinder eyesight. By cutting down on your salt intake, you can reduce the appearances of bags underneath your eyes.

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags

Well, to be fair, if your eye bags are due to genes or aging, there’s little you can do. But if otherwise, like due to lack of sleep or food intake, then there are potential ways to reduce the appearance of eye-bags. Want to know how to remove eye bags? Here are some tips to follow during your skin care routine.

  1. Get Quality Sleep

Notice the emphasis on ‘quality’? That’s because getting ‘enough’ sleep may not do much for your eye-bag as much as ‘quality sleep’ would. So when you turn in for the night, first ensure that you will get the recommended 8 hours of sleep. Next, determine your sleeping posture. The best sleeping position is to lie on your back. It helps prevent fluid retention that can cause eye-bags in the face. Prop up an extra pillow under your head if you need to—just get good sleep, every day.


  1. Don’t Sleep with Makeup

If you’re in the habit of falling asleep with your makeup on, try to stop. It’s very harmful not just to your eyes, but to your entire skin. Sleeping with a full face of heavy foundation an eye makeup can lead to puffiness in the eye. It can also lead to breakouts. You can use micellar water to remove all traces of makeup. Only after your makeup is removed, should you turn in for the night.


  1. Use Eye Creams

You will find that there are lots of eye creams designed to address the specific problem of under-eye bags. But are you using the right product? The right eye cream should not only provide hydration for your skin, but it should also do what it promises, i.e. reduce the appearance of eye-bags. Ironically, frozen eye creams work fantastically well.

We recommend our martiderm eye-correct which greatly rids your eyes of all that nasty puffiness.

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  1. Apply a Frozen Spoon

This might sound crazy, but your fridge and a spoon could be the easiest homemade solution to your eye-bag problem. Place a few metal spoons inside your fridge and let it freeze for 10-15 minutes. Whenever you have free time, simply grab two chilled spoons from the freezer and place them under your eye bags until it cools off. The cold temperature tightens the skin around your eyes, tightens the blood vessels and reduces puffiness. Give it a try!


  1. Apply some Cucumber Slices

You’ve probably seen ‘cucumber slices on the eyes’ trick in some rom-com movie somewhere. It actually works. Cucumbers are naturally cool and can really help reduce the puffiness in your eyes. First, freeze some cucumber slices in the fridge. Next, take two slices out of the fridge and place it on your eyes for about half an hour. The puffiness should reduce over time.


  1. Use Frozen Tea Bags

Like cool cucumber, frozen tea bags work wonders. First, soak them in hot water the same way you would if you were to drink it. Then squeeze out the excess liquid from the bags. Next, freeze the tea bags in the fridge to freeze for 10-20 minutes. Finally, apply the frozen tea bags to your closed eyes for about half an hour. Do this while lying down


  1. Use a Sunscreen Protector

Your eyes and the sun are not friends. Use a sunscreen around your eyes when you go out. However, do be careful to choose sunscreens that don’t irritate your eyes. There are many eye creams formulated with SPF for this purpose.  You could also wear shades or a wide-brimmed hat to protect your eyes from the sun’s lethal UV rays

Recommended Eye Treatment Product

Martiderm eye-correct is our recommended product. This eye correct not only conceals your eye bags, but it also reduces and relaxes under-eye puffiness and dark circles. It has been dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. Get yours now!

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