Ways to Get Rid of Bleached Hair

Bleach is used to lighten hair color. But you already know this. What you didn’t know is that bleach is made of hydrogen peroxide an active ingredient that increases hair stains and decomposes natural melanin in the hair. A lack of melanin can make your hair lose its sheen. Bleach can make your hair look colorless, changing its tone to reddish or yellowish color, depending on hair dye color. If you are curious about the ways to get rid of bleached hair, keep reading.


Bleached hair is great at first, especially when finished with a toner. But as time passes, your bleached hair could suffer from the hydrogen peroxide embedded within it. Your hair begins to weaken and break due to the lack of serum within it.


If you’ve begun to see the signs we sympathize with you. That’s why we’ll show you ways to get rid of bleached hair when they are due.


How to Repair Damaged Bleached Hair

These are some tested and tried methods that could get your hair back to its natural feel and look. By following one of these tips, you can get rid of your bleached hair very effectively.


  1. Try a Keratin Treatment

If you walk into the nearest salon, their first recommendation for fixing your bleached hair will be a keratin treatment. Try it out; you’ll discover that we’re right. Keratin helps eject some keratin back into your hair. Besides, Keratin is a fibrous scleroprotein found in hair tissues that keeps your hair healthy. It is also responsible for strengthening hair, making it full and glossy in the process.


Keratin treatments are a simple procedure. A serum is first applied to your hair. Next, a flat iron is used to straighten out your bleached locks and in the process infuse the keratin into the follicles. Depending on how often your hair wash occurs, keratin treatments can tally between a month and two.


  1. Do deep hair conditioning.

The first sign of damaged bleached hair is its lack of conditioning. Don’t despair; hair conditioning is easy and fun to do. You can do make your own hair mask with just a ripe avocado and an egg yolk. Apply it to your wet hair. Massage the mixture into your scalp for some minutes and then leave it on for half an hour. Afterward, wash off the hair mask and rinse through with lukewarm water. You should see instant improvements in your hair.


  1. Try a Mayonnaise Treatment

Mayonnaise, really? Yes, in facts mayonnaise has many proven benefits towards hair repair and maintenance. Because it’s rich in fatty acids and oils mayonnaise acts as a natural hair conditioner. To do a mayonnaise treatment, simply apply a scoop to your wet hair. You could put on a shower cap to allow some heat in. After 15 minutes of application, rinse off the mayonnaise thoroughly. Instantly your hair should feel conditioned and also look shinier.


  1. Wash hair with good Shampoo

Want to get the bleach off your hair, get yourself a quality shampoo. Simply wash your hair with a mild shampoo. This will remove all bleach from your hair. You must, however, ensure that you thoroughly rinse off the shampoo from your hair with lukewarm water.


The shampoo also works perfectly after the belching process. It can help keep your bleached hair healthy if you still want to keep it.


Recommended product: Our Platinum Bain Shampoo is the perfect product to get rid of bleached hair. It will revitalize your bleached hair and enhance its tone.



  1. Wash Hair with Warm water

Instead of going through the stress of the aforementioned methods, you can simply rinse the bleach in your hair using warm water. Bleach does vary with product, so it’s important to know how long a bleach can stay without damaging your hair or burning your scalp.  Simply get into the shower and rinse your hair thoroughly to get rid of the bleach in it.


How to Use a Hair Toner

Bleaching goes in tandem with coloring. When done together you can alter the color of your hair over time. However, if done improperly, you can damage your hair by leaving it with undesired undertones. To prevent this from happening, it’s advisable that you use a hair toner to counteract the bleach.


What is a hair toner?

A hair toner is nothing but a product responsible for repairing or personalizing your hair color. Add hair toners after professional hair color treatment to enhance the tonality of your hair. It’s the perfect product to create the best-finished look.


Although hair toners are mostly used for blonde hair, brunettes and redheads can benefit from its use as well. A hair toner supposed to work only if your hair were bleached or dyed beforehand. Therefore, we advise you to talk to a professional before using a hair toner with your bleach. The process of using hair toners and bleach can be complex. If done improperly, you could damage your hair.


How do hair toners work?

Hair toners come in two forms. The first is used in a salon and is applied after hair has been bleached. This type of hair toner allows the hairdresser or hair stylist to customize the color of your hair from root to tip.


The second type of hair toner you can find in haircare products that are majorly for color maintenance between salon hair treatments.


Regardless of form, Hair toners are used to add a natural glow to your hair. They can also soften your hair and protect the follicles against damage. Their major functions, however, is to balance the color of your hair from roots to the tips.


When to Use Toners

These are the various times you should use a hair toner.

  • Use a hair toner when your hair is the exact shade you want.
  • Apply a hair toner after bleaching to even out your hair color.
  • Use a toner after dying your hair to even out the dye.


Using a Hair Toner

  • Apply toner on any part of your hair that requires attention.
  • Use an ammonia-based toner if you have blonde hair.
  • Use Purple shampoos. They are gentler on bleached hair.
  • Use a tiny amount of purple dye after bleaching. They help tone your blonde hair.
  • Have a hairstylist do your hair toning for you.
  • Remember to re-tone your hair from time to time. Times fade with each hair wash.


Recommended product: We recommend the Platinum Toner for blonde hair to keep your hair color evened out. You can enjoy soft and shiny straight hair after using this product.


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