4 key gestures for great skin

We all follow at least a basic beauty routine. That’s usually enough to keep our skin clean and healthy. Or to put it another way, to keep our skin clean and healthy enough. But if you want more – take note:

Double cleanse once a week

Each day when you get home from work, cross by the sofa and head straight to your room. After changing into comfy clothes and tying your hair back, look in the mirror, smile and spend some time on yourself and your skin. Micellar Cleansing Oil from MartiDerm is applied by gently massaging it in to your face. In addition to removing dirt and impurities, massaging helps you relax and loosen your expression.

And once a week, after the oil, you should exfoliate. This activates the skin, deep cleanses and makes it much more receptive to subsequent treatments. Our Facial Scrub also gives you softer, more luminous skin.

Change creams!

When you change shampoo you can see that your hair looks better for it, right? Well the same thing goes for your skin. Changing products is good for it. You may have also noticed it doesn’t always look the same – that means it doesn’t always need the same. Alternate your favorite serums and creams.

For example, Proteum Serum is a cell repairer with an anti-wrinkle, firming and antioxidant triple-whammy effect for younger, softer skin that is firmer and better protected. Combine it with Epigence 145 Sleeping Cream, especially suitable for night and which soothes and comforts the skin after the aggressions of the day.

Choose your mask well

Whatever your skin type, you’ll enjoy using a mask twice a week. Hydro Mask, ideal for normal and dry skin, moisturizes and tones while deep-cleansing, leaving skin smooth and supple. Pure Mask, on the other hand, is perfect for oily skin. It purifies and controls sebum, while cleansing, moisturizing and firming the skin and reducing pore size.
Practice #smartaging

Don’t know what it is? It means coming home from work, crossing by the sofa and heading straight to your room to change into comfy clothes, tie your hair back, look in the mirror, smile and spend some time on yourself and your skin… ready? 😉

© MartiDerm HQ Spain

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