All You Need To Know About Stem Cell Treatment

Ongoing medical and technological advances are the trademarks of our modern world. Scientists battle conditions like deadly diseases and even minor inconveniences that make life a little hard. In this article we’ll explore one of the most noticeable advancements in the scientific field, stem cell treatment, and how it can surprisingly be helpful to treat one of the most common problems in both men and women: alopecia or baldness.

Stem cell treatment is the result of many years of research and constant, ongoing testing. The results we’ve been seeing so far have been very successful.  Stem cell treatment can be part of the winning formula against temporary and even permanent hair loss. Keep reading to find out about stem cell treatment and how it can help people desperate to save their manes.


What is behind a stem cell treatment?

The concept of stem cell first came to the spotlight in the 80’s. Scientists discovered that bodies have a very small amount of cells capable of developing into any other type of cell. This amazing, let’s call it skill, makes it possible for stem cells to replace muscle cells, liver cells and even brain cells, among others, and replace damaged tissue in any part of the body. Of course, the importance of stem cells in medicine is pretty obvious. The fact that these cells cannot only become the kind of cell someone needs but also they are capable of doing the job by themselves is stunning.

So, after these discovering scientists quickly began researching exactly how is that stem cells work and how far can they take advantage of them to solve many important diseases. Nowadays stem cell treatments are used mainly for bone marrow treatments, since that’s an area that can be fully controlled; leaving the rest of the treatment for different ailments only in testing stages.


Benefits of stem cell treatment in all fields

Stem cells are currently being used only to replace blood cells with highly successful rates. But that doesn’t mean they’re not making important medical advancements in every field, including the hair loss ailment.

The use of stem cell treatments in the skeletal system, for example, has seen lots of progress. Stem cells have the ability to replicate muscular and joint tissue. Thanks to that it can be possible to treat weakened knees, fibromyalgia and chronic joint pain. Regarding blood-based diseases; experimental treatments involving stem cells can help relieve high blood pressure. Scientists are even looking into this treatment to fight Crohn’s disease.

We know, all of this sounds amazing, but what you really want to know is if there’s a real way in which a stem cell treatment can help with your hair loss or even baldness, which as you might know happens to be a condition with no known, 100% effective cure. Lucky for you, there are already groups of scientists not only researching but already applying the results on patients.


Can a stem cell treatment be used for hair?

With all of the advancements reviewed, let’s get down to what you’re here for. Is there a current stem cell treatment for hair loss and, if there is, how does it work? The answer is yes! At this moment, there are some clinics offering stem cell treatment to improve hair growth with a non-chirurgical method.

The stem cell therapy consists of taking fat cells from the abdominal or hip area of the patient in “mini” liposuction”. A special centrifuge machine then isolates the full-grown stem cells, leaving all of them in its most primitive stage. After the isolation, doctors apply local anesthesia and reintroduce the stem cells to the scalp by microinjections. Patients have to undergo this stem cell treatment several times but they’ll see pleasing results after a couple of sessions.

The patient will not go under general anesthesia at any moment, so this therapy is completely noninvasive and ambulatory. It also doesn’t involve any significant scarring. Tiny “punch” signs will slightly show on the patient’s scalp, but with proper care they’ll fade away.


Products available with stem cells

Even with the good results clinic show on their patients, the truth is not many people: A) can afford this treatment or B) trust in the procedure enough to do it. If this is the case for you, we have good news. Right about the time scientists discovered the potential of stem cell treatments to help fight hair loss, a bunch of products started launching using formulas that replicate the stem cell function and activate hair production in the scalp.

If you’re looking to give stem cells a go, nowadays you can find many products that do the job. Shampoos, conditioners, serums, tonics, lotions and blisters with components are an effective stem cell treatment that slowly helps scalp grow new hair from scratch. And even if you don’t believe this, they also strengthen your current hair. Before using any treatment, make sure that the brand you’re about to use is registered, licensed and authorized to sell the products. We know you might be desperate for a miracle but that’s no reason to risk it putting unknown ingredients on it.

So, it’s been a long journey from the first time it was talked about stem cells to the present time. Nowadays, you can find not only treatments but also products designed to help fight hair loss. But the truth is, not any anti hair-loss products can help you. That’s why we recommend you just the exclusive cosmeceutical anti hair-loss treatment with the medical indication for use.

So, if you’re one of those hopeful people who will never stop trying any new treatments and therapies available to stop your precious hair from leaving your head forever, we still encourage you to give stem cell treatment a chance. We assure you you’ll be much closer to finding a remedy to hair loss with Abril Et Nature Plus Anti-Hair Loss Treatment that contains plant-based stem cells.

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