How To Use Green Tea For Hair

If there’s anything both men and women want to keep presentable and nice-looking it`s the hair. A healthy and shiny mane can either make or break our whole appearance. That’s why it’s important to at least keep it in good shape (along with the right cut). Sadly, lately, there are more and more cases of hair loss related to stress, medication and other external factors. Stores have hundreds of products created specifically to fight this problem. But sometimes we don’t realize mother nature has some of the best ingredients with surprisingly beneficial effects on our bodies, and green tea is one of them. If you’re curious about what makes green tea the perfect component of your hair care routine keep reading.


What are the benefits of green tea for hair care?

It’s no secret that basically every herb on this planet has a beneficial effect on the body. In recent years; the Chinese sister of Black tea has been under the spotlight for the shocking result it brings on hair loss. But what makes green tea for hair the safest bet?


The secret is in its components, and particularly the catechins. Green tea is packed with catechins. These turn out to be a major repressor of DHT (testosterone), also known as the main reason for hair loss. Scientists have conducted studies on the effects of green tea on hair growth for the most common causes of baldness.


This plant also contains high levels of vitamin B (panthenol), which helps soften hair and strengthen the follicles. Also, polyphenols abound in green tea, responsible for stimulating cell culture and therefore, hair growth.


Other components found in green tea are antioxidants; amino acids like thiamine, butyric acid, lignan and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E. As you can see, green tea is one of the richest ingredients found in nature. A true shot of health to your body.


Different ways to use green tea for hair

With all of the amazing components, how can you not trust in the power of green tea for hair? Now, you’re probably wondering exactly how must you consume this magical herb to get the best results. We tell you upfront that each and every one of the recipes and remedies including green tea work wonderfully. It’s really up to you and whatever it’s easier to include in your routine.



This one is the original way to consume green tea and of course the easiest one. Although in ancient times it was considered as a remedy for several other diseases; you can drink up your delicious infusion and wait for your locks to grow beautifully. We recommend you drinking this tea or cold infusion twice a day to start seeing results in 4 weeks. Be constant and don’t worry because there haven’t been found any significant side effects of drinking too much green tea for hair. But if you have a liver disease check with your doctor first.



If you’re a fan of hair masks and already do your weekly spa day to pamper your scalp; this mask will become one of your favorites. Green tea has very strong anti-inflammatory and astringent powers. Sometimes your scalp shows a little damage from the sun, hair coloring and even stress. So what better way to heal and refresh your hair than by leaving this calming mask on?


Just mix 1 egg with a couple of tablespoons of green tea powder, apply directly to your scalp, leave the mask on for an hour and rinse off with cold water. You’ll feel an instant boost on your scalp and over time you’ll notice healthier hair.



If your hair is too thin or you’re just not a mask kind of person, a great green tea for hair treatment you can make at home is a light rinse. You just have to prepare green tea like you would for drinking it and let it completely cool off. Once you have your rinse you can use it in different ways. After washing your hair apply the rinse on your scalp and let sit for at least 10 minutes then rinse with cold water, you can also use it as an after conditioner on the tips or pour the rinse on a spray bottle and spray your hair a little when you feel it’s dull.


Shampoos and other

Hey, we get it, not everyone has the time to prepare recipes or sit with your scalp soaking and do nothing else. If you’re a busy person but still want to enjoy the benefits of green tea for hair, there are plenty of products in the market that work perfectly for you. Over the past few years, green tea-based products have launched like crazy, you can find shampoos, conditioners, hair creams, volumizers, dry shampoo and even hair serums that will thoroughly help to fight the dryness of the hair, calm itching and slowly restore your hair growth rhythm.

Green tea supplements

If you’re a firm believer of easier and quicker results, you can always opt for supplements or pills with green tea concentrate. They are like a fast-forwarded version of drinking tea, so you’ll notice your hair improving in a couple of weeks. But, as with any other supplement, just be careful with side effects and ask your doctor before starting to take them, they are definitely not the most natural way to consume green tea for hair.


Green tea is so gentle that it can be consumed in all of the ways you read above without losing any of its properties. If you add to this the fact that it has an amazing smell that has the ability to instantly calm you and reduce anxiety, it’s a no brainer that you should be using green tea for hair. What are you waiting for? Run to the store; pack up on all of the green tea you can and start giving your hair the care it deserves!

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