Exercise, but when?

Exercise is essential. For our physical and mental health. But be careful! It’s also important to know when to do it.

Obviously there’s no magic time, as there are many factors that determine the best moment: age, free time, the weather, the type of exercise, diet, etc.

But despite this variety of factors, we’re going to give you a few tips so that you can enjoy doing exercise and get the most out of it.

To start with, at what time of day do you have the most energy? That’s when you should try to do sport. If that’s not possible, make an effort to do exercise in the morning. The effect on your body is almost magic:

  • Doing sport fills you with energy. So if you begin the day by doing sport, you’re sure to start out with energy.
  • You’ll be less stressed, as exercise generates hormones that reduce anxiety.
  • Doing exercise in the morning means that your body will gradually wind down as the days goes on, so that by the evening you’ll be ready to sleep well. Sometimes doing sport in the evening can wake you up too much, so you may have trouble sleeping.

Also, if you choose to do sport first thing in the morning, you’ll be sure to get in your daily dose of exercise. Something else always tends to come up during the afternoon…

In any case, the important thing is to do some kind of sport: walking, running, yoga or weight-lifting. Find your ideal exercise, do it and feel its wonderful effects on your life. You’ll wish you’d started sooner!

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