Green Tea Benefits for Skin

You must have heard of green tea. And now you’re probably wondering to yourself: ‘why all the hype?’ Well, green tea has high antioxidant properties that are good for human health. Enormous amounts of research have shown that green tea is very potent in improving heart and brain health. This beloved drink cannot be overlooked anymore. It works fantastically well when applied to the skin.


Do you know that green tea is found in many skincare products? Even in cosmetics? If you didn’t, now you do. Green tea is one of the best active ingredients used to improve skin appearance. Although drinking green tea is common, its benefits on the skin majorly arise when it is applied topically. Want your skin to glow and shine, green tea is what you need. But what is green tea anyway, what is it made of? Most importantly, what are green tea benefits for skin?



What Is Green Tea?

Green tea is extracted from Camellia genesis leaves. It’s a natural tea just like white tea, black tea and oolong tea. It has a pale green or light yellow appearance which blends perfectly with its natural flavor and aroma. Green tea is hardly processed. This allows it to retain most of its major healthy chemical compounds.


Due to its natural composition, green tea is the perfect skincare choice. Many creams and lotions have green tea as an ingredient. Why, because green tea extract comes in many forms such as supplements and essential oils. Each form offers its own unique effects, all backed by relevant studies in the treatment and maintenance of skin. What are the benefits of green tea for skin? Let’s first have a look at its composition.



Components of Green Tea

Green tea is composed of so many beneficial elements to the skin. We try to outline every major compound found in Green tea and their influences on the skin.


The major component of green tea is the antioxidant called ECCG. This antioxidant is responsible for fighting cell damage caused by UV rays. In a nutshell, ECCG can prevent skin cancer. This also makes green tea a strong substance for combating signs of aging whether applied topically or ingested.


Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties which come in the form of polyphenols called catechins. These compounds sound cute, but they are very powerful; so powerful that they reduce skin irritation, redness and even swelling. In cases such as this, green tea is applied as a face mask which hydrates the skin and removes blemishes.


Green tea is also an antibacterial agent useful for unplugging pores and stopping acne breakouts. Its polyphenols battle bacteria and prevent infection. This makes green tea the perfect skincare substance for curbing bacterial growth responsible for acne breakouts.


Vitamins B2 and Vitamin E are vitamins found in green tea. These vitamins play a different role in the treatment of skin disorders. B2 is responsible for balancing collagen production levels which leads to strengthened and firm skin. Vitamin E, on the other hand, stimulates needed cell growth. It also works fantastically well as a dehydrator for soft and nurtured skin.


Green tea also has caffeine and tannins which reduce the appearance of bags around the eyes. These components treat the puffiness in your eyes by shrinking blood vessels responsible for dark circles. Many eye creams have green tea as their major component.


Lastly, green tea benefits hair growth as well. Its catechins and polyphenols stimulate cell production in hair follicles. Green tea can treat a number of hair conditions such as dandruff.



Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

Green tea does a number of things that keeps the skin healthy. Here are the most essential green tea benefits for the skin.


  1. Treats Dandruff

As aforementioned, green tea can be a useful substance for hair treatment. Dandruff which is caused by the overly dry or oily scalp can be remedied by topical green tea. Dandruff causes the skin to become itchy and flaky. It may even spread down and irritate the scalp and neck area.


Green tea not only treats dandruff, but it also accelerates hair growth. The antioxidant ECCG stimulates cell turnover in hair follicles which then allows for new hair growth. Its anti-inflammatory properties also allow green tea to soothe irritated scalps infected by bacteria.


Recommended Product: For the perfect green tea hair treatment, try out the ABRIL ET NATURE SPLENDOR ESSENCE. It’s a spray equipped with green tea, white tea, black tea, argan oil, and wheat germ that treats your hair and gives it a resplendent sheen.


  1. The perfect anti-Aging substance

Green tea is made of antioxidants that do a fantastic job of preventing premature aging. The major cause of premature aging is the presence of free radicals in the environment. These free radicals are responsible for fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.


Green tea steps in with a special antioxidant called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). ECCG is responsible for stimulating the production of skin cells which give a healthier glow to aging skin. Its vitamins B and E are a major deterrent of pre-aging. As aforementioned, vitamin B maintains collagen production—collagen is a major compound in many anti-aging products. Vitamin E rejuvenates cell regeneration. It hydrates and nourishes the skin as a result.


  1. Treats Oily Skin

The biomolecules present in green tea, called tannins, are responsible for holding together the body’s amino acids. Tannins are astringent compounds. By astringent, we mean compounds that tone the skin to even out its appearance. Tannins are also known to unclog skin pores while shrinking them to ensure they clog less often.


Sebum which is the skin’s natural oil is also regulated by Tannins. These biomolecules balance out sebum production. Oily skin is often caused by excessive production of sebum which leads to clogged pores and acne breakouts. There are many oily skincare products that remove excess oil from the skin; however, they only do it on the surface. Green tea does the same on a cellular level by regulating sebum production in skin cells.


  1. Unclogs Pores and Prevents Acne Breakouts

Most skincare products only treat acne for a temporary period. Green tea does the same but on a cellular level. It reduces pores and as a result, rids the skin of blackheads and breakouts that threaten its smoothness. A little side effect is guaranteed from the use of topical green tea.


  1. Acts as a Gentle Exfoliator

Green tea can be used to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation sheds off dead skin cells and increases the production of new cells. Dried green leaves have been proven effective in this regard. The antioxidants present in the leaves remove excess oil and impurities that cause acne breakouts.

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