Stem Cell Hair Restoration

You must have heard of stem cells or stem cell treatment. But have you heard of a stem cell hair restoration? Probably not. It’s a new innovative way of treating hair loss. Rest assured, if you haven’t ever heard of stem cells and how it works, we’ll explain it to you. After reading this article, you’ll understand why stem cells are slowly becoming a ground-breaking experiment in the haircare department.

Also called a stem cell hair transplant, a stem cell hair restoration process is somewhat similar to traditional hair transplants. The only difference between a traditional hair transplant and stem cell hair restoration is in the actual transplant process.

Stem cell transplant doesn’t involve removing tons of hair like traditional hair transplant; it only removes a small skin sample, after which hair follicles are harvested. The harvested follicles are then taken to a lab. In the lab, the follicles are replicated and afterward implanted into the patient’s scalp where hair loss is prevalent. Because skin samples are taken from the same spot, transplanted hair follicles can then grow in a similar fashion on a new scalp.

Unfortunately, stem cell hair restoration is only theoretical for now. Scientists estimate that stem cell hair transplants should be totally practicable in 2020.

Will it succeed; maybe. Is it something to be positive about? Absolutely. Here is a whole expository on why stem cell hair restoration will be totally worth it.


What are stem cells?

Stem cells are adaptable cells capable of developing into any kind of cell found within the body. This makes them unspecialized cells that don’t have a specific function. However, their lack of specificity makes them powerful enough to divide and replicate themselves within the body either as stem cells or as totally different cells. The ability of stem cells to divide and replicate allows them to repair or replace damaged tissues in the body.

Hair loss can be attributed to damaged scalp tissues. You can see where the idea of stem cell hair restoration comes from.


Stem Cell Restoration procedure

The science behind stem cell restoration is still under investigation. There is no concrete breakthrough yet, however, with every day that passes researchers are getting close. A lot of scientists are working day and night to use the power of stem cells to cure hair loss and baldness. Let’s recap what causes baldness, shall we?

Baldness, like any degenerative disease, occurs as a result of hair follicle cells becoming damaged and being unable to support new hair growth. Like other degenerative disorders, if the growth of new cells can be promoted, then we can enhance the growth of new hair follicles.

This means we would have to design a technique which extracts stem cells from the fat cells of hair rich patients. Further checks will then be undertaken to ensure that the extracted cells have a high content of mesenchyme which is positively related to growth.

Different approaches have been taken to maximize the potential of stem cells. The first approach is to specialize stem cells (unspecialized cells) to make them support hair growth. The second approach involves extracting stem cells from patients, grooming hair under lab conditions and finally transplanting the created hairs into the bald head spots of the patient.

The second approach is the most preferred as it will take less time than a traditional hair transplant. Because the transplant of stem cells will basically be intravenous, it has the potency to be very effective in curing hair loss.

A leading stem cell research organization is GIOSTAR, a hospital in India. Due to reduced blood supply to hair follicles, GIOSTAR experts have identified inflammation as a major cause of hair loss. The experts believe that by stimulating the anti-inflammatory properties of stem cells, they may be able to cure hair problems. Their stem cell hair restoration procedures have been undertaken with new technologies. Coupled with expert guidance, these procedures have been so far successful. Some patients have regained lost hairs.


Benefits of Stem Cell Hair Restoration

The clinics who offer stem cell hair restoration cannot guarantee the outcome. The results may vary based on the person. The procedure also needs to be conducted over many months before tangible results can be gotten. Regardless, studies have shown that stem cell hair restoration can treat a number of hair loss problems such as:

  1. Androgenetic alopecia – Male and female pattern baldness.
  2. Cicatricial alopecia – When hair follicles get damaged and are replaced by scar tissues.


Recovery Time of Stem Cell Hair Restoration

There is little to no recovery time when it comes to stem cell restoration. You may feel pain after the procedure, but this will subside within a week. Doctors advise that you avoid strenuous exercise within that duration. Scarring is also expected where fat was extracted from the scalp. Little bedrest is required although you may be under the influence of medical anesthesia—you can’t drive yourself home after the procedure.


Stem Cell Hair Restoration Side Effects

At this time in the research, side effects are unclear. However, like any medical procedure, bleeding or infection and scarring may occur.


Stem Cell Hair Restoration Success rate

An Italian study recorded a 29% success rate in their first treatment. It lasted 23 weeks. These numbers are impressive considering the FDA does not approve the procedure yet.


Stem Cell Hair Restoration cost

Because it is still in the research stages, costs may vary. They will, however, range from $3000 to $10,000. Extra costs could be incurred on the duration of treatment and type of hair condition being treated.



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