Home Remedies For Glowing Skin


You are supposed looking for some tips and home remedies for glowing skin. You can get some sophisticated make-up to create fake glowing skin temporarily. But wouldn’t you rather go for a healthier, more permanent solution on how to get glowing skin? Your skin is the first port of call when someone sees you and it is not something you can cloak, well not completely and not permanently.

You may have been bombarded by numerous home remedies for glowing skin from various sources. But you know you should tread carefully lest you end up inflicting more harm than good. This article is aimed at teaching you various healthy and safe ways to achieve the glowing skin you desire.


These factors can be detrimental to the health of your skin

  • Chemicals. Those harmful chemicals contained in most body creams and soaps are no longer the best options. Most of them have adverse effects on the long run, including cancer and skin diseases. Then there are the poisonous chemicals from cigarettes, alcohol and processed foods which can remove the glow and moisture from your skin, leaving it flaccid and dry.


  • Make-up. Still on the issue of chemicals, make-up can easily mar your beautiful skin. Your skin can react with them to form rashes, discoloration, acne or dryness.


  • Medication. This is another set of chemicals that can impact negatively on your skin to cause rashes, pigmentation and dryness.


  • Exposure to the sun. Aside from the chemicals, exposure to the sun and other harsh weather conditions can wreak havoc on your skin. So, you may unwittingly be worsening the situation.


  • Pillowcase and bedspread. Yes, oils from your hair, the body can transfer to your pillowcase and bedspread. As a result, this can combine with the dirt and bacteria from the surrounding environment to irritate your skin and deprive you of healthy skin.


  • Age is another inevitable factor that adversely affects the skin.


How to get glowing skin

There are many other factors that can work against your quest on how to get glowing skin. The beginning of your therapy for getting a glowing skin should be to identify the cause of that harsh skin and do away with it. Sometimes, prevention is the best cure.

It is time to use those handy ingredients lying around your home to achieve a long-lasting beautiful skin.

  • Drink more water. The gospel of water is being preached everywhere these days. Water can work wonders even for your skin. It helps hydrate the body and helps flush those toxins off your skin.


  • Eat right. Let your meals always be rich in vegetables and fruits and your skin will thank you for it. They contain vitamins and minerals that work to cleanse and nourish your skin. Mushroom, carrots, watermelon, avocadoes, walnuts, broccoli, tomatoes and many others are excellent home remedies for glowing skin.


  • Say no to harmful foods. The point often overlooked, certain foods are harmful to your health, including the skin. Some of them can induce wrinkle and age blemish formation, and uneven skin tone. Do yourself some good and avoid alcohols, processed foods, sugary foods, oily food and nonorganic dairy.


  • Seek vitamin C. Vitamin C pampers your skin and enhances its radiance. Eat food rich in vitamin C then boost it with organic products containing the vitamin C. Marti Derm Photo-Age Ampoules 10 is one of such organic products high in pure vitamin C.



  • Cleanliness. It is next to godliness they say. You not only need to bathe properly and often; you also need to wash your make-up brushes and sponges regularly. Thorough bathing will clear dirt and de-clog your skin thereby opening up the pores. Washing your brushes, blenders and sponges ensures debris, dirt and bacteria have no place to hide.


  • Say yes to use of turmeric for more glowing skin. The curcumin contained in turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can remove those free radicals that harm your skin. Incorporate turmeric into your beauty regimen to brighten your skin and rejuvenate it. With this in mind, you can combine it with gram flour and water/milk to form a paste for better result.


  • Coconut oil is essential for those with dull, dry skin. Its phenolic properties make it a good antioxidant. It also works to moisturize the skin. You can add it to the organic product like the Marti Derm Alpha Peeling Ampoules 10. Or if you prefer, warm the coconut oil and massage it into the skin nightly.



  • Exercise. Working out, especially the cardio, can fuel blood flow through the body causing your skin to glow. This is effective immediately and is long-lasting.


  • Beauty sleep. Ever wondered why it is termed beauty sleep? Yea, you guessed right – it enhances your beauty because enough sleep helps increase blood circulation. Sleep rejuvenates your skin as that is the best time for body cells to renew. This means you can get the best out of your beauty remedy at night when the body is at rest. Experts advise you to catch at least 7 hours of sleep daily.


  • Aloe Vera. To the main point, this plant can hydrate and moisturize your skin. Simply apply the gel on your skin and rinse off with warm water. To reduce the effects of aging, aloe vera also comes in handy as it contains vitamins C and E. It is good in lightening spots when mixed with lemon juice. You can also add it to your facemask regimen for better result. As an anti-bacterial, it can be used to soothe skin irritation from rashes and pimples.


  • Honey. This is a natural skin lightening agent which is great for skin pigmentation and spots removal. It is also an antibacterial agent that fights against acne and blackheads.


  • Paw-paw aka papaya is a common name in skin care. When ripe, it has papain that is an exfoliator. This enables it to remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin glowing. Papaya also possesses skin-lightening properties which explain why it is common in beauty products.


There are so many ways you can achieve healthy glowing skin naturally without harming your skin.


Simply not only follow as much as possible the home remedies for glowing skin as has been noted above but also try to apply the organic products which are going to help glow your skin up in a natural way permanently. To visit our Online Shop for more amazing organic products that will lay to rest your quest on how to get a glowing skin Click Here.

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