Proteoglycan Ampoules For Skin Care


Some cosmeceutical companies have begun taking advantage of proteoglycans. Meanwhile, Proteoglycan ampoules are gaining popularity all over the world. The benefits of this molecule for the skin are quite astounding. Although the body produces its own proteoglycans, the skin needs extra amounts to glow and to slow down the aging process. This extra amount needed can be reproduced in the laboratory by experts.


What is proteoglycan?

Simply put, they are molecules produced in the body which form part of the skin structure. They are a class of protein from the glycoproteins family. The proteoglycans function to bind the cells of tissue in place and vary depending on the cell that secretes it. Proteoglycans are usually located in the spaces between cells which are called the extracellular matrix. They fill up these spaces; they are light and water-loving.


In that light, the proteoglycans enhance the functionality of the skin in numerous ways. This is because they have the capacity to absorb a large quantity of water and retain just as much. They are simply awesome for hydration of the skin.

Benefits of proteoglycans for the skin

Various researches have been able to prove the effectiveness of proteoglycan in skin care. Let’s look at some of these benefits.


  • Hydration of the skin. Proteoglycans provide hydration to the skin and can act as a lubricant. They can easily absorb water in large amounts and retain them in the extracellular space. This allows the skin to function optimally. If you are one of those people with dry skin, you can add quality proteoglycan ampoules and products to your beauty regimen. There are various types of proteoglycans in the market, but we recommend Martiderm ampoules.


  • Anti-aging properties. Proteoglycans can provide swelling pressure to the skin. This helps the skin to withstand compressional forces. The effect on the skin is to make it firm and elastic thereby reducing wrinkles. Naturally, some proteoglycans increase as one gets older while others like hyaluronic decrease with age. In addition, some proteoglycans can penetrate deep inside to improve skin quality and appearance.


  • Enhance the firmness of the skin. Proteoglycans help improve the rigidity of the skin making it firm. This contributes to its structure, strengthening the skin and enhancing its luminosity. The strengthened structure enhances skin smoothness as the intermediate molecules control the movement of elements into the cell. The ability of the proteoglycans to boost the reconstruction of degenerated tissues helps improve the skin’s glow.


  • Provides support and stability. Proteoglycans work together with other extracellular matrix molecules of the body. An example is its collaboration with collagen to strengthen the skin and enhance its stability.


  • Healing properties. Certain proteoglycans enhance healing because they support the skin barrier. Hyaluronic acid, for instance, aids in inflammation when there is an injury and this process speeds up healing. Moreover, it possesses antioxidant properties that help protect the skin.


Proteoglycan as a skincare product

Proteoglycans have been trending in the skincare world and for good reasons as we can see from the benefits outlined above. Skincare experts have come up with an array of skincare products that replicate the activities of the various types of proteoglycans. They often come in the form of ampoules and serum. Some are imbued in certain skincare products.


Anybody can use proteoglycans and for various reasons. You can make it part of your beauty regimen if you want your skin to look and feel more supple, younger and luminous. Now you can quit worrying about dull, wrinkled and stressed-out skin. Proteoglycans have that glorious moisturizing and hydrating effect while also assisting the body to form collagen fibers. These collagen fibers help keep the skin firm and keep signs of aging at bay. A high level of proteoglycans in the skin generally improves the skin’s smoothness and helps it restore skin functions.


Martiderm proteoglycans

Martiderm as you probably know already is a trusted name in the cosmeceutical world. They offer a range of proteoglycan products in various forms. If you are looking for authentic products to use for your dry or aged skin, then head over to They are the best that will also give you what they promise to give, you know, the ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of product. Martiderm proteoglycan is the oldest in the industry, the first company to incorporate proteoglycans into its skincare products.

Here are some of the Martiderm products imbued with proteoglycans.

  • Martiderm proteoglycans ampoules. Yea, there are various proteoglycan ampoules in the market, but your skin needs only the best. Martiderm proteoglycan ampoules contain 3% proteoglycans and 5% pure vitamin C. As a result, with this superb mixture, your skin is sure of getting maximum moisture, elasticity and firmness that helps it stay young and glossy. The best part is that the Marti derm proteoglycan ampoule gets easily absorbed by the skin because it has an oily texture and silky finish.


  • Martiderm Liposome ampoules. This product is made up of 3% proteoglycan, Vitamin C and E Liposomes, and also glycolic with witch hazel extract. The Martiderm Liposomes works excellently for reactive and oily skin. In like manner, it helps moisturize and protect the skin. You can massage in half an ampoule on the face and neck morning or night but prior to the application of other products.


  • Martiderm Photo-Age ampoules. The photo-age contains 15% pure vitamin C, 3% proteoglycans, Vitamins A, E and F. Its main functions as a skincare product is to repair damaged cells, produce anti-aging effects on the skin while also keeping it strong, protected and hydrated. It is suitable for all skin types.


  • Proteoglycan ampoules with SPF/FPS. It contains 3% proteoglycan, 5% pure vitamin C, vitamin F together with UVA and UVB solar filters. It has repairing capabilities suitable for damaged cells. Likewise, Proteoglycan with SPF/FPS is grand for dry skin types and helps protect your skin from the effects of the sun’s radiation, just like sunscreen. This means you are not only protected from sunburn, but you are also protected from skin cancer. That counts for something!


There are other Martiderm proteoglycan products that are equally effective. Head on to Cigalah Medpharm Shop for more information.


Our bodies produce proteoglycans but if you need that extra touch for smoother, wrinkle-free and glowing skin, you need to apply the Martiderm products containing proteoglycans. Your supple, glowing and young-looking skin will be all the testimony you need.

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