How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

One of the most exasperating things to experience in life is having bad skin. It’s bad when you have it as a teen, but it’s even worse when you have it as an adult. As a woman who’s always had acne-prone skin, I can tell you it’s a constant struggle. But it’s even more difficult when you don’t have the right knowledge about your specific kind of acne.


Girl hiding a face with pimples on chin in a pull-up I was just 12 years old when pimples started popping like crazy on my forehead. And I couldn’t understand why most girls my age just had the occasional zit here and there. I jumped from over-the-counter treatments to the most exclusive dermatologists. I wouldn’t say they didn’t help, but as soon as my routine changed or I got stressed I’d break out again. At this point in my life, I could say I’ve got my acne under control thanks to some useful tips. However, when I do get unexpected breakouts I have a complete guide on how to get rid of pimples fast. Keep reading to find out exactly what to do and NOT to do.


Are all pimples the same?

The first thing to know about pimples is that they are not all the same in texture, shape and causes. You might notice how some people have whiteheads with grease inside while others experience very painful and inflamed zits. The concept of a pimple is when dead skin or debris clogs skin’s pores, leading to infection and inflammation. Some of the most common factors that cause pimples are:


*Stress. When someone is under a lot of stress, chemical components in the body show abnormal levels. These can result in often breakouts and other skin conditions such as hair loss.

*Hormonal imbalance. Puberty and menstrual hormonal fluctuations can cause big damage to the skin. Some hormones like Androgens cause sebaceous glands to swell and overproduce oil in the face, back and chest.

*Dietary Factors. Foods rich in carbohydrates, bad fats and heavily processed sugars can have a huge impact on the body. Breakouts can, in fact, be related to what you eat. That’s why a balanced diet and plenty of water can improve your skin.

*Hereditary treat. There are people who have acne-prone skin from the moment they hit puberty, and it’s not exactly a coincidence. Studies show that we can inherit acne and other skin conditions from many generations.


While pimples, zits and other types of acne are the same concepts, they can result in very different scenarios. In my case, once I realized acne might accompany me for all my life, I knew I needed a routine.


How to treat acne-prone skin daily

Now that you know what causes pimples, let’s get to what you really care about. It’s one thing to have some magical remedies when the occasional breakout appears in our face. But it’s a very different thing to start being conscious about your skin type and try to avoid making things worse. In order to slowly get your face back in track, there are some things you can do daily.


Playful teens wearing a purifying mask for acne-prone skin

Start out by looking for a gentle cleanser that doesn’t dry out your skin. Wash your face with lukewarm water and don’t scrub aggressively, otherwise, you’ll only hurt yourself. Pick Micellar water or toner to remove your makeup and stay clear of oily solutions. Don’t ever skip your moisturizer because hydrated skin is better prepared to fight acne naturally. Rely on face masks, night creams, ampoules and all sorts of professional skincare products.


How to get rid of pimples fast

So, after following my routine like a clockwork, my skin started to show significant improvements. But I still have – and always will – acne-prone skin; which means every now and then I’ll break out again. When this happens, that usually is the less appropriate moment, you can find many answers on how to get rid of pimples fast.



For fast and effective action I strongly recommend using the MartiDerm Acniover Stick Anti-Imperfections.  This magic wand – so to speak – can dry out your breakouts while it conceals them. When I have a big meeting and wake up with a nasty zit, I just dab the concealer stick on it. Repeat this process a few times a day and by night you’ll notice how the pimple is smaller and less red.


When the area you need to treat is considerably bigger and you need a quick fix, I go to the MartiDerm Acniover Serum. This product works day and night to reduce the skin’s pores and balances the skin’s PH levels. In a couple of days your skin will go back to its usual self.


What to avoid | Acne-prone skin

So you know what to do and what to apply to start taking care of your acne-prone skin. I’ve also shared my secrets on how to get rid of pimples fast. But do you know what NOT to do? That’s a little tricker, right?


From the moment you discover a new pimple (or a constellation of them), keep your hands away from your face. I used to do it all the time because seeing them stressed me out and, trust me, I wish I didn’t. I got left with awful scars that look like chickenpox, that not even botox can fade. When you pick on zits you’re damaging the skin to its most inner layers. You’re basically denying them of their natural ability to heal and recover. No matter how hard you want to, just don’t touch your face. When you need to handle your face to apply a product, make sure your hands are spotless to avoid infection.


Young woman making skincare mask for Playful teens wearing purifying mask for acne-prone skin with avocado in kitchenAnother great advice that may be a little harder to follow: don’t make your own remedies. You’ll find a lot of the information on the Internet regarding DIY and homemade acne solutions that promise to help your skin heal. While some components are in fact the base for some professional products, it doesn’t mean you can apply them directly on the skin. Most of those ingredients are processed and used in specific quantities you definitely don’t know. So keep honey, toothpaste, mouthwash, egg yolks and other ingredients away from your skin.


I hope my personal experience helps you realize everything’s not lost. Now you know what causes pimples and how to tend to them. Remember you also need to invest in a daily routine to start giving your skin what it naturally lacks.

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