How to Restore Hair after Bleaching

You probably went on the gram and saw your favorite celebrity sporting a blonde hair. You instantly liked it so you thought to yourself, “I could bleach my hair”. Did you ignore every advice that warned you against a DIY blond dye? In the end, you bought some bleach, and without the technical know-how or the right tools, you applied it to your hair. After all, you start thinking How To restore hair after bleaching

It didn’t turn out so great did it? Your hair is all over the place. The color didn’t come out exactly as you wanted. Your hair is dry, frizzy and stringy. Somehow you managed to deep fry your hair. To cut the long story short, you washed your hair and it instantly became a mess. You called in sick at work because you couldn’t bear the embarrassment of showing your hair in public. You have to fix it. So you surf the internet for solutions on how to restore hair after bleaching and you landed here.


You’re in the right place. Feel safe and welcome. We know how much your bleached hair discomforts you. We’re here to help you through it. In this article, we explain different tricks and methods that will restore your hair back to normal after bleaching. Here are some tips on how to restore hair after bleaching.


  1. Coconut Oil Treatment

Now that your bleached hair lacks moisture, it’s bound to break and fall off. Coconut oil can be the difference. Full of antimicrobial properties, this essential pol can condition your scalp, opening up space got new hair growth. Coconut oil can also toughen your hair follicles, giving them shine and gloss that it needs.


Coconut oil has all the necessary fat, minerals, nutrients and various other nutrients that will get your hair looking and hair healthy again.  So rather than use a conditioner, use coconut oil to massage your hair instead. After the first use, you’ll see instant results.


  1. Use an Avocado Hair mask

Homemade hair masks are great. Not only are they easy to make, hair masks rapidly undo many wrong bleaching experiments on your hair. With just two tablespoons of avocado oil, you can free up your pores for new hair growth. Simply apply the avocado hair mask to your hair and scalp, wait an hour and sash off with lukewarm water. You can apply a conditioner afterward. The whole process will leave your hair moisturized after the bleach dried up most of its oil glands.


For best results, mix avocado with coconut, honey and olive oil for your homemade hair mask.


  1. Apply some Argan Oil

Argan oil is extracted from nuts found on the argan tree. Studies show the nuts healing and moisturizing potency which can reverse hair damage. Because it is rich in vitamin E, argan oil rebuilds your hair structure. Apply some to your bleached hair as often as you can in a month. You should see improvements.


  1. Wash Hair Less Often

Sounds counterintuitive but washing your hair too often strips it of the natural oil it already lacks enough of. If you can, wash your bleached hair twice or thrice weekly. Whenever you do wash, use a hair mask and a shampoo to finish.


  1. Don’t comb wet hair

Isn’t it easier to comb hair when it’s wet?  No, you’re wrong. Your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, so desist from combing it immediately after a shower as it could shrink, break and have split ends. Instead, wait for it to dry and apply some essential oils before combing it.


  1. Air Dry Your Hair Instead

Your bleached hair already lacks moisture, so resist from blow drying it.  Rather just wrap a towel around it or let it dry on its own. If you’re pressed for time, you can use a blow dryer but on the lowest settings and at a distance.


  1. Don’t bathe with hot water

If your hair is bleached, believe us, you have to run from hot water. Your bleached hair is dehydrated as it is, imagine the damage hot water will cause to your scalp. Exactly. Next time, avoid hot water bathes, instead use lukewarm water to wash your hair. To reduce the chance of frizziness, blow your hair with cold water.


  1. Change Your Hair Dye

Maybe the dye and bit the bleach did the damage. In that case, you’ll need to change your hair dye. If you’re confused about which hair dye to buy, tall to a professional about it.


  1. Avoid Chlorine

By chlorine, we mean the swimming pool or beach water. Chlorine and hair follicles are not friends. If you already have a bleached hair that’s parched and dry, the chlorine will worsen it. If you can’t avoid the pool, put a swimming cap on or apply a chlorine-proof protector on your head before hitting the water.


  1. Wear sun protection

UV Rays from the sun are terrible for bleached hair. It can make your hair frizzy and brittle, making it hard to detangle. Wear a hat, a scarf or put on an SPF to protect your bleached hair against sun exposure.



Taking Care of Bleached Hair

Let’s say you did bleach your hair right. Or you bleach it too often there are haircare routines that absolutely need to follow you keep your blonde hair looking moisturized and healthy. Here are some tips to guide you in the process of taking care of bleached hair.


  1. Use hair treatments.

Bleached hair gets dry too often. It’s important you set aside time to apply hair masks and essential oils.  You can do this at the weekend when you don’t have to leave the house. Try applying argan oil, it works.


  1. Don’t bleach your ends

If you’re retouching your bleach job, tell your stylist to stop at the ends. The ends of your hair are not as tough as the rest of your hair. They can break if bleached again and again. Taking care of bleached hair can be a time-consuming routine. Prepare yourself to hit the salon frequently.


  1. Avoid heat styling

To avoid hair breakage, avoid heat styling methods. Wear your hair straight instead and use air-dry products to bring it your natural hair texture.


  1. Use a Hair Toner

Bleached hair gets brassy. A hair toner could even out your hair tone. Rather than do this yourself, have a hairstylist do it for you.


  1. Use a purple shampoo

A purple shampoo could prevent so many salon strips. Purple shampoos give your hair very warm undertones after washing. It doesn’t last as long as a toner, but it works just as well. Choose a dark purple colored shampoo those work the best.



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