How To Take Care Of Your Hair

Hair is a very noble part of our bodies, it endures harsh conditions and gets very little attention compared to our face or nails. In spite of that, we all do what’s needed to keep hair healthy and clean. But what takes your hair from just fine to “wow, is she wearing a wig?” Keep reading and find out how to take care of your hair and give it a new life with this routine.


How to take care of your hair | Step 1: Lather then rinse

We’re sorry to tell you this, but good chances are you’re not doing a good job at washing your hair. It might seem like an obvious activity you’ve performed daily for the past “x” years. The truth is no one really tells us how to do it properly. First things first, unless you have excessively oily hair, you should probably wash your hair 3 times a week. Over-washing just strips your scalp of essential oils and unbalancing it.


That said, when you shower apply a penny-sized portion of shampoo and lather only your scalp with your fingertips. Leave the aggressive scratching for, let’s say, never! After lathering for a few minutes, rinse your hair gently but make sure all of the foam and soap disappear. Shampoo in the scalp is actually pretty common and it can cause itching and scaling that is confused with dandruff.


How to take care of your hair | Step 2: Is the conditioner good for you?

Shockingly, conditioner is not even a part of everyone’s hair care routine. There’s this belief that if you use conditioner it thins out the hair and it ends up falling. Well, this is actually true but it all goes down to people using it the wrong way. Just as it happens with shampoo, people don’t really know how to apply conditioner correctly.


Conditioner must be applied ONLY from the middle section to the tips. Otherwise, it can clog follicles and prevent hair from growing. It can also leave scalp greasy, which is not a good look especially for thin hair, prone to looking dull. That said, conditioner could be your best friend to control frizz, add volume and give it overall hydration. In fact, you can even skip shampooing when you shower and only apply conditioner.


Step 3: The right way to dry and comb your hair

If you want to know how to take care of your hair, the truth is it all comes down to small actions you can take when following your daily routine. Take combing, for example. We know a shower can leave you with some tangled strands. We also know patience doesn’t really come to mind when we’re getting ready for work. But instead of brushing quickly and aggressively, do it super gently to detangle your hair without causing any breakings.


Daughter and mother brushing their hairAnother great tip is to start from the bottom up because basically all of the tanglings happen at the bottom. If you start by applying pressure on the knot you’ll end up tearing a bunch of healthy hair from your scalp. Also, you might not want to hear this but brushes work better with dry hair. Wet hair is at its weakest point, so you should use a big-toothed comb to gently separate your strands.


Now, knowing how to take care of your hair and blow-drying it can be opposites. But hey, if you’re really into doing it at least to it the right way. If you’re going to blow dry, prepare your hair with heat resistant products, to make the impact of the tool less aggressive on your mane. Also, flip your head upside down and blow-dry from the inside. After it’s almost done turn back and dry only the tips of your hair. That way you’ll prevent that awful frizz that comes with the hot air.


Step 4: Rely on dry shampoo

Girls, dry shampoo is no more a lazy hack, it has become a must in your bathroom and your routine. To learn how to take care of your hair first you need to expand your horizons and stop believing you can make it with only 2 cheap hair products. Healthy hair is an investment, keep that in mind. With that said, dry shampoo needs to be your ally. As we mentioned above, you should use shampoo only about 3 times a week, but that doesn’t stop hair from getting a little greasy.


With a quick touch-up of dry shampoo you can absorb oil and leave your hair looking fresh, saving you another day of unnecessary washing.


How to take care of your hair | Step 5: Pamper occasionally

We’ve said it, you need to invest a little in hair products that will nurture your scalp and give it an extra pump. So why not pamper it with hair masks and other types of products once in a while?


Hair Exfoliant

Your scalp, like any other part of your skin, eventually clogs with dirt, debris and natural oils. If you’ve never exfoliated your hair you’re up for a big surprise. Once you start doing once every couple of weeks, you’ll feel your hair instantly lighter and you’ll feel a weird fresh sensation.


Massage your scalp

This tip not only feels amazing, but it’s also crucial on how to take care of your hair. Whether you use a special head massager or you do it with your own hands, massaging your head stimulates blood circulation, which makes nutrients reach the follicles better. Also, it’s SUPER relaxing.


Hair oils

Just the way you treat yourself at a spa day every once in a while, you can give your hair a little treat by using hair oils. You can apply these products a few hours before showering or leave then all night. They’ll instantly hydrate hair and make it shiny and much less frizzy.  Be careful with them if you have thin hair, though.


If you were wondering how to take care of your hair, these simple steps are the key to achieving a healthy, glowing and hydrated mane that will go with you on every season and occasion.

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