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No two women are the same. Some of them are born with goddess-like genetics, rocking an enviable mane that shines and doesn’t even frizz. Sadly, it seems like most of us belong to the other type of women. The ones who cry when getting their hair cut and immediately start praying for it grow at least an inch. If you’re desperately scrolling websites to know how to regrow hair, you’ve reached the right place. Even though short hair is super comfy and perfect to enjoy for a season or two; you should also be able to grow your hair whenever you want to and without any trouble. Keep reading to find out what could be causing your hair to grow so slowly. Discover hair growth tips so easy to follow you’ll be wondering why haven’t you tried them before.

Why is my hair growing so slow? Follow the hair growth tips…

Before you can tackle the problem of your mane and discover the best hair growth tips it’s important that you understand exactly what could be causing it to grow at such a slow rate. We tend to think of our hair as an external part of our bodies. The truth is it’s as much alive as any other part of it. And as a living thing, hair needs to be nourished, cared for and treated when damaged. Here are some of the most relevant factors that affect your hair growth.


Honestly, stress is one of our body’s biggest enemies; taking its toll on literally any part of it and with any kind of symptom. When you’re under a lot of stress constantly; your hormones unbalance and they affect every tissue regeneration process. This includes your scalp’s.

Improper Cleansing

It’s not uncommon to find people who don’t cleanse correctly their hair and scalp. When hair is not cleaned properly the pores and roots of the hair start to clog with natural sebum. This prevents hair to grow as expected. As opposed to this, there’s also such thing as cleansing too much. Over cleansing damages the internal cortex of the hair and makes it grow slower and weaker.

Not moisturizing

Dry hair is more dangerous than you think, it also means your hair is poorly nourished. There are some products that can dry out your mane like crazy; as well as external conditions like the weather or even smoking.

What makes hair grow?

If you’re tempted to splurge on those famous hair vitamins for an answer on how to regrow hair, keep reading. There are several vitamins and components that help hair stay healthy and thus, growing at a normal rate. (Supposedly hair grows ½” a month) Biotin, folic acid and vitamins D, A, C and E are always present in the body if you follow a healthy diet; and consuming bigger amounts of them won’t really make a difference on your mane.


That said, there are lots of hair growth tips that involve a direct application on the hair and scalp that in fact can make a difference. Just remember whoever tells you your hair can transform overnight is not being honest. It’s about setting a care routine for your hair and be constant with the products you use.

How to regrow hair faster – 4 the main hair growth tips


Well, you might have identified one or more things that could be causing your problem and leaving you stuck with your pixie cut for months. That doesn’t really tell you how to regrow hair, right? So, let’s get down to business.

  1. Exfoliate your hair

Maybe you haven’t heard of this, but it’s possible to exfoliate the scalp like you would with your face and body. In fact, one of the best hair growth tips involves getting your hair back in shape by scrubbing your scalp and cleansing away dirt and natural sebum that builds up over time.

  1. The haircut debate

There’s a divided opinion on people suggesting a haircut as one of the best (and oldest) hair growth tips. It actually might work but not for the reasons you think. It’s not a magical fix, but trimming your hair just a bit every three months or so will help you get rid of split ends. When you leave your hair untreated, split ends will inevitably start to run up and break each hair into to, reaching a point where the hair just can’t keep growing. The best way to help your hair grow is to take care of the ends.

  1. Cleanse correctly

Believe it or not, there is a correct way to cleanse your hair, and it actually involves doing it a lot less often than you usually do. When you have specific hair loss products at hand, you need only do it about three times a week, otherwise, you’ll strip away oils needed for healthy strands. Best hair growth tips involve nourishing shampoos, conditioners and most importantly lotions and oils that will boost moisture and strengthen your follicles.

  1. Be gentle on your hair

If you want to know how to regrow hair in a very simple manner, we have good news for you: it’s all in the little details. For example, give your hair a break of hair ties and other accessories that can make it crack or break. Another thing to keep in mind is to brush super gently, starting from the bottom up and avoiding pulling, which can either break or tear it from the roots.


As you can see, when you reach out to the correct ingredients and set up a routine that just involves being a little more careful with your hair; you’ll start seeing results in a couple of weeks. There is no magic spell or secret that makes your strands reach Rapunzel levels in no time. A steady growing hair is the best guarantee that it reached a healthy state and it can keep on going like that. What are you waiting to follow these hair growth tips and stop being afraid of haircuts?

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