Remedies for Hair Loss

We’ve all been there, it starts with some hair in the shower, and then you start to find it in your pillow. Then when you brush it seems like you left half of your mane in there. Hair loss can start as something innocent but it can quickly turn into a health condition. If you don’t tackle it soon it could potentially be permanent. But fear no more! Keep reading to find out what are the best remedies for hair loss; either natural or professional all of them will help your gorgeous strands stick to your head.

How serious is hair loss?


Hair loss can be more than just a phase. It actually worries to death the people who are suffering from it. One thing is that your hair is growing slowly but it’s all there. But it’s a very different thing to realize you’re starting to lose hair in big chunks or full strands. Hair loss can be the result of great stress or emotional shock, certain medications, a hereditary condition, hormonal changes and many other factors that can start showing overnight and affect your whole hair (even body hair).


It really depends on the type of condition you’re experiencing; but hair loss can range from being a light, a temporary situation that will eventually stop by itself; to a permanent result or at the very least a very serious condition that must be diagnosed and treated by a doctor along with some expert hair products.

Is there any solution?


If you’re experiencing a mild, medium or severe loss of hair you must be wondering if there’s a “cure”; or something you can do to stop this from happening before you go fully bald. We don’t want to give high hopes to any type of condition; because as we mentioned before this can vary greatly depending on what is causing your mane to suffer.

But most of the things that cause your hair to fall can be treated. So you can say there is actually a hair loss cure.


When excessive stress is causing your hair to fall, or you experienced a very strong and traumatic event; you can take care of your emotional health and slowly your hair will be back to its healthy and balanced state. If you are on some medication that is causing you hair loss; after you end the treatment your strands will start to regrow from the roots and your doctor can even change your meds if you really hate this side effect (who wouldn’t?). Besides these things, there are many remedies for hair loss you can follow to take action and bring your mane back to life. Some of them are natural and some of them are professional; so you can balance both of them and try which ones work best on you.

Home remedies for hair loss


Mother nature certainly has some treasures that aid us to cure many illnesses or conditions. When it comes to our hair, there are very simple ingredients or activities we can try out to help our mane slowly fill up again.


Pumpkin seed oil

There’s some evidence that ingesting drops of pumpkin seed oil daily can increase over the next months your hair growth in up to 40%. Its components seem to stimulate follicular activity, which leads to new hair growth.


High-iron diet

You can use this tip as not only a remedy for hair loss but also and overall good health tips. Iron is a mineral and it is not effectively absorbed as other nutrients by your body, it is likely that you might be missing a little iron which can lead to hair loss. Pack up on foods like lentils, spinach, white beans and turkey to help your metabolism balance.


Beetroot juice

Beets are surprisingly great sources of vitamins B6 and C, folate, manganese, betaine and potassium; all of them heavily involved in the process of growing hair and nails. Beetroot is used in detox diets, and cleansing your scalp can also be a good idea to help hair regrow.


Other natural ingredients such as tea tree can nurture your hair thanks to antioxidants, while they heal a damaged scalp; which can probably be a reason you’re losing hair.


Professional care for hair loss

Yes, all of the remedies for hair loss you saw above sound nice. But we know you’ve probably reached a state of desperation when you need professional care to make sure you’re really doing all you can to revive your hair. Luckily for you, there are several products with formulas exclusively designed as hair loss cures.



There are several shampoos sold exclusively as remedies for hair loss. All of these shampoos concentrate on cleaning the follicles. Thickening each hair helps them adhere to your scalp correctly. It’s important that they also have calming ingredients to avoid rashes and scaling of the scalp.


Conditioners and lotions

An important part of following a hair loss cure routine is to keep your strands hydrated. Some people say conditioners and lotions thin the hair which ultimately leads to hair fall, but that’s not necessarily true. Lotions can give a hand on strengthening each individual hair, and strong hair is a lot less likely to fall despite external factors.


Special hair treatments

Sometimes hair needs a little boost with extra products that deliver scientifically proven results. These are the best type of remedies for hair loss because they’ve been tested A LOT before being launched. Hair masks and special oil blisters are like shots of medicine to your hair. They act faster and more efficiently than anything else by revitalizing hair and getting it back in shape. Of course, even though they are super effective don’t expect to be “cured” overnight. They tend to be a whole treatment you must follow to see results.


We know seeing your precious hair fall is probably alarming and your worst nightmare, but once you stop stressing and get down to work with these remedies for hair loss, your mane should be healthy and glowing in a matter of weeks.

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