Essential Oils for Hair

Before shopping for essential oils, you need to understand the science behind them. Essential oils are plant extracts, extracted through distillation or evaporation. Although essential oils have aromatic properties, their strong chemical properties qualify them as skincare or hair treatment products.


Essential oils were used in historic times. Today, they are still very much in use. Their effectiveness on the skin and hair is unrivaled. Furthermore, they have low-risk contraindications—a fancy word for side effects.


The benefits of essentials oil are many; however, we’ll limit our focus to hair growth. Essential oils improve hair quality by giving hair follicles strength and gloss. The following are the many benefits of using essential oils for hair.


List of Hair Essentials Oils


  1. Lavender oil

This is the first essential oil on our list for a reason. Where hair is concerned, lavender oil rapidly speeds up its growth. Lavender oil is full of properties that boost cell growth. In fact, many studies have identified lavender oil as a hair booster. To top that, lavender oil is an antimicrobial and antibacterial oil that improves scalp health.


  1. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil, like the name suggests, leaves a cool minty feeling on areas where it is applied. Its coolant properties improve circulation which can greatly improve hair growth. Studies have shown that peppermint oil increases the number of hair follicles as well as strengthens and lengthens them.


  1. Rosemary oil

Like the two essential oils before it, Rosemary oil augments hair growth in the same way. It only slightly trumps them in terms of hair thickness. This essential oil has properties that improve hair quality from a cellular level. Studies show that rosemary oil improves hair growth and reduces scalp itching, a common side effect of using some essential oils.


  1. Cedarwood oil

Cedarwood oil promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss. It stimulates the oil-producing glands within the scalp. Also, its antifungal and antibacterial properties make it a very effective hair treatment for dandruff. What’s more; cedarwood essential oil is embedded with a mixture of lavender and rosemary. If you were to combine the effects of all three oil extracts (lavender, rosemary and cedarwood) then you have yourself the perfect hair treatment essential oil.


  1. Lemongrass oil

Are you seeing signs of dandruff? Well, this can be a very common hair growth disturbance. If you want a healthy scalp that’s flake-free, then you can’t go wrong with lemongrass oil. Studies have shown that lemongrass essential oil can reduce dandruff outbreaks in under a week. But it has to be used daily for best results.


  1. Thyme oil

Thyme essential oil stimulates the scalp ensuring that hair follicles don’t break or fall off. As a result, it enhances hair growth. Potent like cedarwood oil, thyme essential oil treats serious hair conditions like alopecia areata. This makes it one of the strongest essential oils for hair. Only a little drop is needed to be applied to the scalp daily.


  1. Clary sage oil

Clary sage oil, like lavender oil, has the component linalyl acetate that has been proven by research to be very effective in improving hair growth.  This essential oil strengthens hair follicles, making them resistant against breakage and brittleness. If you want to keep a hair on your head, then you should definitely use this oil.


  1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree essential oil has very powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. In addition to that, it acts as a cleanser which helps stimulate hair growth. Used topically, tea tree oil can unplug hair follicles ensuring rapid hair growth in the process. It’s one of the most flexible essential oils as it could be used solely as a concentrated essential oil or mixed with a cream or oil product. Studies show that tea tree oil combined with minoxidil work wonders for hair growth.


  1. Ylang-ylang oil

If you have dry hair, then you should consider using some ylang-ylang essential oil. Dry hair is often caused by insufficient production of oil and sebum. This makes ylang-ylang oil the ideal essential oil for dry scalps. It helps stimulate sebum production in the oil glands. As a result, hair texture is improved and hair breakage is reduced.


Ways to Use Essential oil

Now that you know a couple of essential oils for your hair, you’re wondering how to use them. We’ve highlighted some ways you can apply essential oils for the best effect on your hair.


  • Use before shampoo treatment: Excessive hair styling and blow-drying can dry out your hair scalp which may turn your hair follicles brittle. So before using shampoo, use essential oil to moisturize first. It helps your hair retain natural oil during washing and conditioning. Simply apply the essential oil to your hair and scalp.
  • Gloss up Your Hair: If you already have fine hair, then you don’t need hair styling. You could simply apply some essential oil could to give it a sheen. It’ll even make your hair look healthier and cleaner than a regular styling product.
  • As a Home spa Treatment: You don’t always have to head to the spa, you can treat your hair from home using essential oils. You could even add on a face mask and cucumber slices to complete your DIY spa treatment.
  • To Protect Hair from Blow-drying: The heat from a blow dryer can affect your scalp.

Essential oils can act as a heat protectant. Apply a little oil to your scalp before you blow dry your hair.

  • Detangle Curly hair: Does your hair knot often? Then you could apply essential oils to disentangle your hair. After shampooing and conditioning, simply apply some drops of essential oil on your wet hair and comb through.


Recommended Product

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