How to Fix Your Damaged Hair

Hair damage can come in different forms. It goes beyond just split ends, dry damaged hair can have cracks in its cuticle. Once the cuticle opens, your hair could get further damaged, dry and broken. As a result, you could experience really dull or frizzy hair. Such hair conditions can be hard to manage. Want to know how to fix your dry damaged hair and get it back to looking smooth and shiny? We’ll tell you how. Keep in mind, however, that there isn’t a 1-for-all-solution. It depends on what actually damaged your hair. Also, hair damage can sometimes be permanent making a haircut the best solution.


But if you don’t want to cut your long silky hair there are some hair care treatments that can seriously help you repair it regardless. For these treatments to work however, you need to know what exactly the cause of your damaged hair is. We’ll run through all the possible scenarios and give you a valuable solution for each.



Repairing your dry Damaged Hair

A lot of things fouls be the cause of your damaged hair. Your hair could become dry dull and frizzy due to improper application of dye, bleach and styling. If you’re not sure about which caused your hair damage, then read further to understand which solution fits your need. Here are some tips on how to fix dry damaged hair.


  1. Dye damage

While it’s great to change the color of your hair, there are serious consequences from doing it at home. Chemical dyes have components that suck out the natural moisture in your hair. This process can instantly turn your smooth silky hair into a dry patchy outlook.


What makes the adverse effects of dye worse is its combination with bleach. Whatever the case may be, dye alone or with bleach, the adverse effects may last longer than the color.



Quick fix:

  • Olive oil treatment: olive oil is a very popular hair treatment recipe. Like all essential oils, olive oil can moisturise the hair and rehydrate the cuticle. By doing this, olive oil softens the hair and adds the much-needed moisture.


  • Use a shampoo and conditioner: Not just any shampoo and conditioner, you need a Color-safe type. These types of products have the right amount of PH that will rehydrate your hair without washing off the dye. In the end, your hair will look and feel better while retaining the color from the dye.


Future Prevention of damaged dyed hair:

  • Choose a dye that fits your hairs natural color.
  • Dye your hair less often, wait for 8 to 10 weeks before re-dying.
  • Wash hair less frequently with cool water, never hot water.
  • Get occasional treatment from a professional hairstylist.



  1. Damage from bleach

Okay, so you’ve gone from dark to light hair. Your hair probably looks good. But as you very tell know, bleach can inflict a lot of damage on your hair. Bleach removes your hairs natural color, stripping each and every strand of natural melanin. Bleach then makes your hair swell, as it seeps into your strands. As a result of bleaching, your hair may become dry, brittle, fragile and porous. If it isn’t addressed on time, your hair could become weak and inelastic overtime. You don’t want that, do you?



Quick Fix:

  • Almond oil treatment: this essential oil can soften and reinforce your hair firmness. It smells sweet as well. Simply apply some amount to your hair to decrease the frizz and rehydrate the strands.


  • Rice water rinse: dint be dismayed by the results, studies prove that rice water can benefit your hair a lot. An ingredient called Inositol found in rice water can permeate damaged hair and repair it from within.



Future Prevention:

  • Don’t bleach too often. The chemicals are harsh. There is no way around it.
  • Moisturise before and after bleaching.
  • Avoid heat styling after bleaching.
  • Use some sun protection like a hat or scarf or a hair spray.
  • Rinse hair before entering the pool and apply a swim shampoo or conditioner afterward.



  1. Damage from styling tools

Styling tools are tools that use heat to alter your hair structure. These hot tools can cook your hair fibers, leaving you with open cuticles and dry or frizzy hair. Using styling tools too often or at high temperatures can severely damage your hair.



Quick Fix:

  • Coconut oil treatment: coconut oil is a popular haircare product. Because its molecules are little, it can penetrate the cuticle and hydrate your hair from within. Coconut oil can also stimulate the production of oil from your hair glands. The resultant oils can prevent heat damage and hair breakage.



Future Prevention:

  • Use your blow dryer from a distance to avoid damage.
  • Don’t miss a chance to use a heat protector such as a thermal protector or a spray.
  • Use blow dryer at low temperatures.
  • Replace blow frying with air drying. Nothing beats a natural hair drying.
  • Towel dry instead. Wrap a towel around your hair after showering. Don’t rub with a towel. Can cause damage.
  • Groom natural hair. You don’t necessarily have to heat style your hair. A natural heat-free hairstyle can look just as good.



  1. Damage from Lack of Haircut

If you’re not getting regular haircuts from your hairstylist, then you’re really getting yourself in a bind. To keep properly maintained hair, you need to get yourself a haircut. Otherwise, your hair will develop dry split ends. As is with other hair damages, split ends are somewhat permanent and impossible to get back together. While getting a haircut us the obvious answer, there are some things you can also do to treat your damaged hair.



Quick Fix:

  • Use a hair mask. They can prevent split ends.
  • Use a conditioner. They can rehydrate your hair and repair split ends.



Future Prevention:

  • Practice good hair care routine.
  • Get regular haircuts to avoid damaged ends.



Recommended Product: To fix your dry damaged hair and frizzy hair, we recommend our Corrective Liss shampoo mask. This product cleans your hair, reduces frizz and makes it smooth and shiny.

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  1. Mix one egg with a small amount of shampoo, then apply to your damaged hair for five minutes and rinse well. This lifehack helps to enhance the protein in your hair. These are secrets your hair stylist won’t tell you.

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