How to Stop Hair Fall

Hair loss is somewhat inevitable. However, there are a lot of things you can do to slow it down or stop it entirely. These fixes depend on why you’re losing hair in the first place. Some causes of hair loss are temporary while others may be persistent. The reasons for hair loss can vary with each person. So, if you are seeking How To stop hair fall,  read farther.


Temporary hair loss like post-pregnancy hair fall may fix itself altogether. However persistent hair loss due to thyroid issues, scalp infections, stress, androgenic alopecia (hormonal imbalance), or aging may require serious treatment. A professional haircare specialist or a doctor will be able to determine the cause of your hair loss. So talk to one.


We’ve decided to outline a number of ways to stop hair fall, depending on the severity of your hair loss. From diet to hair care, you’ll see how to stop hair fall.


Ways to Stop Hair Fall


A. Hair care Routines

  1. Daily washing

Washing your hair daily is the first step to guarding against hair loss. Daily washing of hair keeps your scalp clean and healthy. This strengthens your hair follicles making them less likely to fall off. You should use a mild shampoo for your daily hair washing. A stronger formula may dry your hair making it break as a result.


  1. Apply Coconut oil

Hair loss can be attributed to dangerous exposure to UV Ray’s from the sun. Coconut oil, according to various researches, is a potent essential oil that protects the hair from sun exposure. Coconut oil has a component called lauric acid that stimulates oil production in the glands. This prevents hair breakage from root to the tip. Simply massage coconut oil into your scalp to enhance blood flow and improve hair growth. It works.


  1. Olive oil treatment

Olive oil works as a deep hair conditioner which protects hair from drying out and breaking off. The reason for the potency of olive oil is its inclusion in the Mediterranean diet. Vegetable and herbs which make up the bulk of Mediterranean diet help reduce genetic hair loss. Apply olive oil topically to your hair, massage through and let it stay half an hour before rinsing off.


  1. Mild styling

Complex styling like tight braids, ponytails; or heat stylings like curling or straightening irons may break your hair shaft and damage your follicles. This could lead to excessive shedding of hair. To avoid losing hair due to harsh styling, go for a gentle styling that doesn’t irritate your scalp or pull your hair at the roots.


  1. Reduce Chemical Treatments

Hair processing treatments like perms and dye may damage your hair follicles and scalp. The use of harsh hair products that contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or para-phenylenediamine (PPD) should be reduced. Rather use organic hair dyes that don’t damage your hair in the process of styling or application.


B. Diet Adjustments

  1. Eat more vegetables and herbs

A diet consisting of vegetables and of herbs can have many beneficial effects on your hair. Also called the Mediterranean diet, vegetables and herbs can prevent androgenic alopecia, a common hormonal cause of hair loss in men and women.


Good sources of vegetables and herbs are parsley, salad greens, and basil. Try to chomp on these at least thrice a week for best results.


  1. Ingest More Protein

Hair follicles are made of keratin, a type of protein. A common cause of hair loss in people is a deficiency in amino acids, the essential building blocks of protein in the body. By tweaking your diet and adding more protein, you can stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Rich sources of proteins are chicken, turkey, eggs, beans, peas, nuts, low-fat products and fish.


  1. Take in more Vitamin A

Vitamin A is composed of retinoid which increases hair growth. Vitamin A is so important for hair health that it increases sebum production which is responsible for strengthening hair follicles and keeping the scalp clean and healthy. Rich sources of vitamin A are potatoes, spinach, and sweet peppers.


  1. Treat Your Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency has been proven to be associated with alopecia. By addressing your vitamin D deficiency, you can prevent rapid hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. You can find Vitamin D supplements online.


  1. Take Some Supplements

While the richest sources of vitamins are found in whole foods, you may not have the chance to prepare meals every time. This is where supplements come in handy. They are pills filled with nutrients that you can ingest on the go. Biotin supplements are one of the most important when it comes to hair growth, as a deficiency in this vitamin causes hair loss. You could also go for a multivitamin which combines vitamins A, B, C, D, iron, zinc and selenium, all of which are beneficial to hair growth. Saw palmetto and ginseng supplements are also good for hair growth.


Other Hair Loss treatments

  1. Essential oils

There are tons of essential oils that reduce hair loss. A few examples are lavender oil, peppermint oil, thyme oil, and cedarwood oil. These essential oils are very effective in reducing hair loss. Simple apply and massage a little drop of essential oil to your scalp; wash off for best results.


  1. Scalp massage

Have you ever had a scalp massage? They feel good, don’t they? Well, scalp massages also help your hair grow and prevent hair loss. You can find a local scalp massager around you to help you out. Having a scalp massage at least 5 minutes a day for 6 months will prevent your hair from falling out. Give it a try.


  1. Onion Mix

Onion mix, weird as it sounds, has been proven to stimulate hair growth. Studies prove that alopecia areata condition can be remedied by applying an onion mix to your scalp. The reason for its effectiveness lies in its sulfur content. Simply grind some fresh onions into a pulp and massage into your scalp. Wash off after a couple of minutes.


Reasons for Hair Loss

Every day, your head sheds some hair. If you suddenly experience a sudden loss of hair, some external factor may be involved. Here is a list of reasons for hair loss:

  • Age: By age 40, half of the population of men lose their hair; more than half of women lose theirs before 80.
  • Medical conditions like alopecia.
  • Hormonal imbalances from pregnancy, menopause.
  • Radiation treatment.
  • Stress.
  • Styling procedures, e.g. heat styling.


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