What is Glycolic Acid and how can it help your skin

Are you looking for a new product to add to your routine that will give a younger skin look? Look no more! Glycolic acid is your new best friend!


What is Glycolic acid?

This is a type of Alfa-hydroxy acid (AHA); that’s extracted from sugarcane, meaning natural! You might be familiar with other AHAs, like citrus-acid, lactic-acid, and tartaric-acid that also come from fruits. What is unique about glycolic acid is that it has the lowest molecular weight. Meaning, unlike other AHAs, it penetrates the skin effortlessly and is super-efficient.


Wondering what it does? (Let us dig deeper, shall we)

First, let’s break it for you. Glycolic acid is an exfoliant that helps shed dead skin cells and reveals younger cells. Furthermore, it exfoliates without a rough or mechanical exfoliation technique. As a result, it can gently exfoliate your skin while taking your beauty sleep!


How does it work?

Due to its small molecule size, glycolic acid can penetrate deep into the skin. Starting from the epidermis (the top of the skin) and deep into the dermis (the bottom). Which means it will be more effective when it comes to facial treatments. With that said, glycolic acid deep penetration speeds up cell recovery for a firmer, smoother, and radiant-looking skin.Exfoliation Peeling or Physically scrubbing

Here are the benefits of glycolic acid:

  1. Efficient in treating fine lines, dullness and uneven texture
  2. Helps in treating acne and blackheads
  3. Removes dead skin and leaves it brighter


Generally speaking, there are two common skin damages:

As we grow older, our skin becomes less elastic and more fragile. These changes are affected by the loss of two crucial protein substances. First of all, the collagen that protects and strengthens, and secondly Elastin helps the skin’s flexibility.



Let us talk about glycolic and acne!

Glycolic acid, as one of the types of AHA, is a miracle worker for acne scars that is a broad issue. What’s incredible about glycolic acid is that it helps stimulate the growth of collagen and exfoliate at once. Because of this, it’s effective in removing the top layer of acne scars.

Unlike common grainy exfoliants, that might be harsh and not exfoliate evenly Glycolic acid is the best product to gently exfoliate the skin for a smooth look.


How is glycolic acid different from retinol?

Both are well-considered ingredients. Despite both being remarkable products, both trigger the skin differently. So, what is the difference? And what suits your skin type more?


What does each Glycolic acid and retinol does:


– Encourages rebuilding elasticity and collagen, which is why it’s helpful with age-related damage.

– Fades age spots and thicken skin tissues.

– We recommend starting with a mild retinol product and build up gradually to avoid any skin irritations.

Glycolic acid:

– Breaks down dead cells and also smooths uneven facial texture.

– Diminish wrinkles, lines and scarred tissue.

It can be applied on the face up to 10% concentration in a base cream or lotion. When we think of chemical exfoliant, think glycolic acid pads such as Bruno Vassaro Glyco System Glycolic Exfoliating Pads.



We love both ingredients though mixing them at once can be a recipe for disaster!


Things to consider before using Glycolic acid

In our opinion — Glycolic acid checks all boxes for every skincare fanatic. It provides exceptional results from aging to healing scars. However, we need to consider the following when dealing with such powerful ingredients:

– Firstly, be sure to start with a low percentage and see how your skin adapts. The skin needs to get adapt before starting with a high percentage, as it can cause irritation or flaking.

– On the other hand, if it causes any flaking, be sure to not flake it off, as it might cause hyperpigmentation.

– Glycolic acid or any topical acid makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. Be extra careful and wear sunscreen whenever using any AHA or BHA products.


How to use it?

The boosting effect of Glycolic acid suits almost every skin type. However, we recommend staying away from it if you have very dry/sensitive skin. But don’t worry! There are other great products for dry skin.

Our favorite Glycolic acid-based product is by Bruno Vassari. The formula in the Glyco System Charcoal Mask detoxifies the skin and boosts its natural collagen synthesis. If you’re looking for Glyconic acid-infused products, you can easily find them in the UAE and KSA.



Recommended products with AHA

  1. Bruno Vassari Glyco System Glycolic Exfoliating Pads

This formula is the best step in your anti-imperfection’s routine. Uncover the beauty of your skin while making it bright and clean with the exfoliating pads. Based on Glycolic Acid (AHA) and Salicylic Acid (BHA), say goodbye to greasy dull skin.

Skin Type: Suitable for dull skin with imperfections that need renewal skin treatment.


2. MartiDerm Alfa Peeling/ Night Renew Ampoules

Alpha-hydroxyl acids, Natural substances, which regenerate and renew the skin, with their gentle exfoliating effect. MartiDerm Alfa Peeling/Night Renew Ampoules enhance exfoliation. That helps in removing dead skin cells but also makes way for new skin cell generation. The AHAs combined with glycolic acid can promote a breakdown of skin cell build-up, which produces smoother looking skin.

Skin Type: All skin types



Carmen Barresi — May 14, 2020

“It works simply amazing! The product is legit. So far, it really does help a little bit for my acne scars”.



3. Bruno Vassari Lab Boosters Papain Enzymatic Resurfacer

Papain enzymatic concentrate is extracted from the papaya fruit, widely known for its natural exfoliating properties. An advanced innovation concentrates by cross-linking the enzyme with stabilizing agents. The formula shows to be the best option, being less irritating than other glycolic acid products.

Skin Type: Aging skin that has lost elasticity and vitality.


4. Bruno Vassari Glyco System Protective Cream

This formula consists of UV filters that protect skin from damage caused by UVA as well as UVB rays. Not to mention, the amazing vitamin E in the cream will completely renew your skin, including your oldest scars and pigments. We highly recommend using this product in a hot and sunny climate condition country such as the UAE!

Skin Type: Suitable for the skin that has gone through exfoliation recently.

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