Dry Skin | Daily Routine for the face: 6 Top Products To Treat Dehydrated Skin

You wake up, look in the mirror and discover your face is covered in white flakes. You follow your routine, put some makeup on to cover your imperfections and head out the door. A couple of hours later you casually pass by a mirror and discover your face is awfully red and puffy. By nighttime, you’re super itchy, your face burns and you feel it’s made of carton. You dab heavy cream all over your face and go to bed, only to repeat the cycle the next day.  Sounds familiar? Seems like you’re battling with severely dehydrated skin.


Dry skin can go from minor discomfort to a major skin problem if you don’t tend to it on time. While there are times of the year when having dry skin is most common, some people suffer from it every day. Keep reading to find out what having dry skin means and how to set a dry skin daily routine.


Can you control dehydrated skin?

Dry skin is as annoying as having, let’s say, oily skin. But while it can be just as uncomfortable, it certainly is more dangerous. Dry or dehydrated skin tends to get thinner because it lacks moisture thus its natural elasticity. When you scratch the already thin and delicate outer layer of skin, it’s stripped off its defense barrier. This can make skin ten times more vulnerable to allergens, bacteria and irritating external agents. So dry skin becomes more sensitive to lotions, perfumes, plants and even textiles it comes in contact with. Ultimately, dry skin can crack and bleed or turn into something like eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis.


But there is some silver lining to this skin problem. Dry skin is something that can not only be treated, it is also 100% preventable when you know your products. It’s not enough to find a useful dry skin cream, you’ll need a full dry skin daily routine. Let’s explore what this routine is all about.


The ultimate dry skin daily routine

As we mentioned, it takes more than just one product to tend for dehydrated skin. When you mix a dry-skin targeted formula with another that does the exact opposite thing, you’re just harming your skin. The first step is to make sure everything you apply is designed to treat the same skin condition. A full dry skin treatment will get your face back in shape faster than just one product would. Also, keep in mind that just because your skin doesn’t itch anymore it doesn’t mean it’s completely “cured”. Dehydrated skin can take a while to be fully healthy and even after it needs proper care to avoid relapse.


So, without further ado, here’s the ultimate dry skin daily routine to heal your face once and for all. Follow it on a daily basis both at daytime and nighttime, you should start seeing improvements in a few days.



Daytime is a crucial part of your day when it comes to treating dry skin. After all, it is during the course of the day that you encounter factors that can worsen your condition. Being under the sun, in air-conditioned rooms, dry weather and dirt will definitely irritate your skin when it’s already dehydrated.



Day cream for dehydrated skinAfter cleansing your face with a gentle formula and tepid water (never hot), you should apply your moisturizer of choice. This is a product you must never forget as it will be your ally during the day. The MatiDerm Vital-Age Day Cream for dry skin has ingredients such as Moisturizer Complex and jojoba oil to hydrate skin. With a long-lasting effect, this cream nourishes your face and helps it regenerate while it locks moisture in.


The skin under your eyes is the thinnest of all your body, so it’s naturally at more risk of dehydration. Fight the dryness by applying the MatiDerm Eye Correct under your eyes right after your moisturizer. Not only will it brighten the appearance of the skin, but it will also conceal dark spots thanks to its tinted formula. This product also comes with a nighttime cream.



When night comes, it’s the perfect opportunity to provide your skin with the best tools to fight dehydrated skin. Since skin regenerates and heals better while you sleep, you should use the most nourishing and potent formulas then. Start off by removing your makeup with the MatiDerm Micellar 3-in-1 Solution. The best way to clean dry skin is by using a gentle product that can both remove impurities and keep your moisture in place. This product contains glycerin and cucumber extract to freshen, calm and balance your skin.


Once your skin is set with the micellar water, you’re ready to apply your much needed night cream. You might think night creams are just for aging skins, but this is a wrong conception. A complete dry skin daily routine should include something like the Black Diamond Epigence Sleeping Cream. Not only does this cream bring intensive moisture to your skin, but it also boosts collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. Bring your face to its glow back with the glycerin and dimethicone found in the formula.



Top off your bedtime routine by applying the nighttime MatiDerm Eye Correct to relax and nourish your under-eye skin.


Special dry skin treatment | Dehydrated Skin

Like any effective dry skin daily routine, it should take into account some special products to use less often. Because of their intensive action, you can apply dry skin treatment every two weeks or even once a month. Ampoules are some of the most effective products for skin care nowadays, so applying the MartiDerm Hydra Plus Ampoules is a must. Their rich formula with Proteoglycans moisturizes, brightens and tightens the skin, showing results since the first application.


Hidro Mask for dry skinStrengthen your anti-dryness battle with the MatiDerm Hidro Mask, which you can use up to 2 times a week. Use it before your moisturizers at night to cleanse deeply and help skin retain moisture.


As you see, there’s no big secret as to how to keep your skin hydrated. With this easy dry skin daily routine you’ll finally leave those itchy and red days behind.

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