BABE Intensive Skin Tone Unifying Serum 30ml | Pigmentation

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The intensive serum lightens dark spots on your skin and unifies the overall skin tone. It is recommended to use it along other skincare products for a complete treatment of pigmentation as well as ensure the result.


A highly concentrated depigmenting formula makes BABE Intensive Skin Tone Unifying Serum the perfect product for aging and pigmented skin. With an ultra-light texture, this fluid is absorbed easily and instantly. This serum lightens dark spots on your skin, unifies overall skin tone, prevents new skin blemishes as well as any issues that cause more stains, and lightens facial skin noticeably.


The intensive action of the unifying serum acts as either a global or targeted, localized treatment. The Melanin-Inhibiting Marine Peptide, Niacinamide, and Lactic Acid make up for a rich, concentrated formula that slowly whitens skin, fades out spots, and unifies skin to give it a luscious appearance.


Skin Type: Ideal for all skin types and safe to use during the summer.


Size: Flask with 30ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Melanin-Inhibiting Marine Peptide 3% obtained from the Dictyopteris membranacea seaweed. This ingredient reduces global melanin production in the skin.
  • Niacinamide 2.50% is a vitamin B3 highly stable derivative that avoids melanin transport and repairs the damaged DNA in cells.
  • White 360º 2%, a component that inhibits melanogenesis as well as melanin synthesis.
  • Hydroxitirosol 2% found in the formula is a very powerful antioxidant from olive trees, which blocks the sun to prevent the stimulation of melanocytes.
  • Vitamin E 0.25% is an ultra-rich antioxidant that targets skin cells, and also prevents them from oxidative stress and other free radicals.
  • Lactic Acid 0.2% is an organic AHA (Alpha Hydroxid Acid) with a powerful keratolytic action that exfoliates pigmented keratinocytes in skin.


Instruction to use:

For optimized results use this unifying serum along with the Corrective Micellar Lotion. As part of your daily routine, apply the Skin Tone Unifying Fluid before sun exposure. BABE Intensive Skin Tone Unifying Serum is the perfect product to include in a unifying treatment for pigmented skin.


To apply, pour a small amount on your hand, and then massage gently in circular motions on your face, neck and decollete. Let the product sit for a while until your skin absorbs it completely.


Benefits of BABE Intensive Skin Tone Unifying Serum:

  • With its high concentration of depigmentation active ingredients, this unifying serum works wonders on pigmented and aging skin.
  • The ultra-light texture of its formula can be absorbed easily, which makes it perfect for all skin types.
  • The product is non-photosensitive, so you can use it during summer and on sunny days.
  • 70% effectiveness of skin tone unification.
  • Light texture that absorbs easily on facial skin and slowly clarifies skin, fading out dark spots and stains.

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