Bruno Vassari Cell Active Eye Concentrate 15ml

256.00 AED



Eye contour cream with plant stem cells that stimulate the firmness of the tissues, it restores skin density, and has a global anti-aging effect. It also effectively fights against circles and bags under the eye.


They say the eyes are the window to your soul, so it’s natural to want them to look at its best. The Bruno Vassari Cell Active Eye Concentrate is a corrective cream that firms tissues, thus providing a denser texture. With high-end ingredients such as stem cells, vitamins and panthenol, you’ll enjoy a fresh and youthful stare in no time!


Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, especially aging skin.


Size: Tube with 15 ml.


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Sequoia Stem Cells are one of nature’s most potent tissue regenerators. These cells will reduce aging signs and bring you a smooth texture.
  • Vine Flower Stem Cells have antioxidant action and neutralize the effect of free radicals on skin.
  • Glucosyl Hesperidin is a high-tech compound that favors vasodilation, activating blood flow in order to minimize the appearance of bags.
  • Haloxyl is a high-tech compound that acts directly over hemoglobin and its derivatives in the organism. Because the accumulation of hemoglobin leads to poor blood circulation, this results in bags under your eyes. Haloxyl contains two different peptides that reinforce the dermic matrix, significantly strengthening the skin’s microvascular net and reducing fragility.
  • Matrixyl found in this formula is a pentapeptide designed to fill each individual wrinkle, thanks to its cellular stimulation ability. This ingredient strengthens the dermo-epidermal bond by increasing the collagen synthesis of each facial zone.
  • Lasilium is a special molecule that comes from silicon and Lactic Acid and has a very powerful hydrating action. Lasilium regenerates tissues, preserves your skin’s integrity and reconstructs epidermis’ natural moisture factor (NMF).
  • Vitamin E is an ultra-rich antioxidant that targets skin cells and prevents them from oxidative stress and other free radicals.
  • Panthenol is a natural ingredient close to vitamin B5 that contributes to skin reconstruction. It also promotes wound healing, restores damaged tissue, and improves skin hydration.


Instructions to use:

This product works best if combined with the Kianty Viniferin Lips Cream along with Collagen Booster Power C Peptide Cream.

Pour a few drops of this serum on the external edge of your eye. Spread out to the inside with the tip of your finger. Be extra careful not to get any serum into your eyes. Apply the Cell Active Eye Concentrate twice a day, in the mornings and at nighttime as the final step of your routine.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari Cell Active Eye Concentrate:

  • Effectively stimulates your tissue to make it firm again.
  • Restores the density of skin, thus providing a global anti-aging effect.
  • It contains active ingredients to fight circles as well as bags under the eyes.
  • Rejuvenates your eyes in a matter of weeks.

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