BABE 100% Aloe Gel 300ml

144.00 AED



Aloe Vera gel by BABE that calms down the skin, providing cooling and fresh sense. Ideal to treat irritated skin after sun tanning or getting sunburned.


With a pure Aloe Vera formula, this Babe gel is extra refreshing, ideal to treat irritated skin after sun tanning or getting sunburned. The Babe 100% Aloe gel can aid in the case of shaving, hair-removal or cosmetic medical treatments that leave skin irritated and sensible. The purest formula possible makes this product safe for all types of skin, even the most sensitive and dry kind. Similarly, it calms redness, inflammation, irritation and itching caused by external or internal factors in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the fast-drying formula makes this gel perfect for a quick pick-me-up.


Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types.


Size: Bottle with 300ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera is equivalent to 100% pure aloe. This natural ingredient works wonders on moisturizing, softening and regenerating skin to offer maximum protection. Used since ancient times to treat sunburns and all sorts of skin irritations.
  • Betaine 1% is ideal for moisture, soothe and help reduce all sorts of inflammation. Betaine can also aid in painful sunburns.
  • Panthenol 0.50% is packed with Provitamin B5, thus maintaining the natural water balance of the skin, providing better elasticity.
  • Chamomile 0.25% is one of the most effective ingredients, therefore reducing inflammation and irritation of the skin. Chamomile can calm and soothe itching and tightness almost immediately and with long-lasting effects.


Instructions to use:

For improved skin protection and antiseptic treatments in case of a skin infection, use this product along with the Oil Soap, in addition to Hydra Calm Body Wash & Body Milk.

To use the Babe 100% Aloe gel, pour a generous amount of product on the palm of your hand and distribute it in both hands. Apply with a gentle massage over the area you wish to treat. Give soft, circular motions and leave the product to absorb completely. Do not rinse off or remove excess product.


Benefits of Babe 100% Aloe Gel:

  • Aloe gel not only hydrates but also calms and softens skin in a matter of seconds.
  • It provides an immediate feeling of comfort and freshness.
  • Likewise, the gel contains 100% pure Aloe Vera, with repairing properties that reinforce the calming and moisturizing action.
  • The Babe 100% Aloe gel has a non-greasy, light texture that helps give the perfect absorption.
  • With a pH of 5.5, your skin will be balanced with each application.
  • This gel refreshes and renews without drying out the skin.
  • The perfect step for an antiseptic treatment in case of cuts or infections.
  • Apply over face or body in case of mild to severe sunburn or even if you feel your skin could use a little pampering.

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