BABE Nipple Care Cream 30ml

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Nipple Cream that contributes to your nipple’s well-being. This is just a must-have for new moms or women during their pregnancy.


Babe Nipple Care Cream is ideal for new moms who are struggling with the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is a very specific high-tech cream that contributes to the well-being of your nipples. Treats sensitive, irritated, dehydrated, and painful nipples caused by breastfeeding. The formula helps prevent the appearance of cracks, as well as regenerates and maintains your skin barrier. The nipple cream respects the skin’s natural components; thanks to its occlusive agents-free formula.


Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, especially for women during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Size: Tube with 30ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Centella Asiatica 3% is an Asian natural ingredient highly effective at regenerating and re-epithelializing. This compound increases skin elasticity and combats sagging caused by external factors such as breastfeeding.
  • Calendula 1% is one of the most effective natural ingredients to replenish, regenerate, soften, and reduce inflammation. It acts wonders on the nipular area that comes under stress when your baby breastfeeds.
  • Vitamin E 0.25% is an ultra-rich antioxidant derived from the Tocopheryl Acetate. This vitamin targets skin cells and prevents them from oxidative stress and other free radicals.


Instructions to use:

For better results, use this product along with the Anti-Stretch Mark Cream to prevent further damage.

To apply this product during pregnancy or during breastfeeding, clean the nipple area gently but thoroughly with a wipe. Apply the product directly over the nipple and lather it with a soft massage with your fingers. Let the Babe Nipple Care Cream sit on your skin until it’s fully absorbed. Do not remove the excess product or rinse off. Apply on a daily basis as many times as needed. When used during breastfeeding, clean your nipple area with a wipe before letting your baby breastfeed.


Benefits of Babe Nipple Care Cream:

  • This cream helps moisturize and protect the nipple area and prevent mild to severe cracking. Reverts damage caused in nipular area during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • It has a complete formula that contains natural ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, Calendula, and Vitamin E.
  • It provides an effective and immediate feeling of relief and well-being right from the first application.
  • The formula of this nipple cream is extra light, making it easier to absorb in a few seconds by the skin.
  • Physiological pH to give you a balanced effect.
  • Very high skin tolerance.
  • Dermatologically tested so it can be used even on the most sensitive types of skin.

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