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Gentle and refreshing toner for tired skin.


Bruno Vassari Aqua Genomics Toner is a lightweight product designed to cleanse lightly, balance skin, and leave it fresh and moisturized. The surfactants in the formula help remove impurities deeply while giving gentle care to the most sensitive skin. Bring your pH back to balance with this toner in order to prevent further dry skin issues and irritations. The hyaluronic acid of the Aqua Toner contributes to powerful hydration, as well as better elasticity and flexibility. See your skin transform into a velvety, fresh and toned canvas with each purification!


Skin Type: Suitable for tired, sensitive، and mildly to severely dry skin.


Size: Bottle and dispenser with 250 ml.


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid is the dermatological superstar, it provides powerful hydrating action while it minimizes wrinkles and aging signs. This compound also improves skin elasticity and natural flexibility. Hyaluronic Acid offers great non-greasy moisture that is much needed on dry skin.
  • Butylene Glycol is a high-tech conditioning agent that adds an extra layer of smooth texture to your skin. Because of this, this humectant can improve the outermost layer of your face by making it feel softer and retain more water.
  • Surfactants with low irritative action are the perfect component to mix water-based and oil-based ingredients in the formula. These soluble elements help thicken the texture of the toner and provide deeper hydration without a greasy effect.


Instructions to use:

For best results and smoother skin, combine this product with the Aqua Genomics Cleanser. Cleanse your skin with the Aqua Genomics gentle cleanser to prep your skin perfectly.

To apply, pour some of the toner’s content over a cotton ball and rub or dab over your face. Make sure not to rub or scrub your face and cover your facial area completely. Let the product completely absorb and continue with your routine. You can use this product once or twice a day, but make sure not to skip it at nighttime.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari Aqua Genomics Toner:

  • Aqua Genomics Toner balances your skin pH with each use.
  • The formula that gently cleanses make-up remains, dirt, debris and all sorts of impurities.
  • The hyaluronic acid in the formula provides your face high flexibility and elasticity.
  • It leaves your face fresh and hydrated, thus it’s an integral step for your skin care routine.
  • Works on the most sensitive types of skin.
  • Tones and stimulates all in one step.
  • Easy to apply, thanks to its convenient dispenser.

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