BABE Pediatric emollient cream 200mL

140.00 AED



Nourishes your infant or kid’s body intensely at the same time as regenerating focalized dry areas.


The Babe Pediatric Emollient Cream nourishes your baby or kid’s body intensely while regenerating focalized dry areas. Above all this product calms down your baby’s urges to scratch thanks to its nourishing and calming properties. The formula contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients.


Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, above all mildly to severely dry or atopic skin.


Size: Tube with 200ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • Skin Repair 4% is formed with Ceramide, Bisabolol and phytosterols. This powerful active restores skin protective barriers up to 80% in just 5 days. Furthermore, the bisabolol found in the Skin Repair complex aids in reducing inflammation and irritation.
  • Glycerin 3% respects the skin’s natural complexion and hydrates it deeply and in a safe manner. As a result, this product favors epidermis’ natural water retention and ultimately avoids cutaneous dryness.
  • Skin Calm 2% is a component made up of a 5% solution of Dihydro Avenanthramide D. Skin Calm reduces the sensation of itching by 65% and skin redness by 50% in just 2 weeks. In other words, this ingredient has strong anti-irritant, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Shea Butter 2% acts wonders to protect skin against dehydration, it restores its flexibility and improves the overall appearance.
  • Avocado Oil 10% is a natural component rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9. This dermo protector contains fatty acids, necessary to nourish even the most delicate types of skin. Moreover, Avocado Oil restores the barrier function with regenerative properties of the superficial lipid mantle.
  • Squalane 1% naturally maintains skin’s hydration, providing flexibility, softness and healthy elasticity.
  • Vitamin F 1% in the formula comes combined with essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6. This vitamin is perfect to reconstruct dry and severely dry skin due to its moisture restoring action.
  • Vitamin E 0.25% is an ultra-rich antioxidant derived from the Tocopheryl Acetate. This vitamin targets skin cells and prevents them from oxidative stress and other free radicals.


Instructions to use:

This product is perfect to include in a dry and atopic skin routine or treatment. Use alongside the Pediatric Oil Soap and the Facial Balm on a daily basis.

To use, pour a small amount of the product and apply uniformly on your baby’s skin. Let the product sit for a couple of minutes until the skin completely absorbs it, do not remove excess product. Apply as many times as needed, at all times with a soft massage.


Benefits of Babe Pediatric Emollient Cream:

  • This cream restores the skin’s natural hydrolipidic levels thanks to its Omega 3,6 and 9 formula.
  • Deeply nourishes mildly to severe dryness of the skin.
  • Relieves immediately the sensation of itchiness, irritation and tightness, thus avoiding your baby from scratch.
  • The formula strengthens the skin’s defense system, reducing the risk of infections.
  • Dermatologically and pediatrically tested on atopic skin.

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