Bruno Vassari Glyco System Protective Cream SPF25 50ml

268.00 AED



A fast-absorbing day cream that contains UV filters and Vitamin E, nourishes the skin and restores its moisture.


This ultra-fast-absorbing cream is the perfect step in your sun-protection routine. Feel your skin nourished again and restore the moisture you once had with a daily application. The Bruno Vassari Glyco System Protective Cream SPF25 contains UV filters that protect skin from damage caused by UVA and UVB rays. The amazing vitamin E in the formula will completely renew your skin, including your oldest scars and marks.


Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, especially those that have gone through exfoliation recently.


Size: Flask and applicator with 50 ml


Main Active Ingredients:

  • UV filters in this formula act in synergy with the rest of the filters to increase sun protection. For instance, the chemical filters from this formula absorb effectively UVA and UVB radiations. In addition to this, the biological filter prevents oxidative stress of the cells and action from free radicals. This component protects the skin from damages caused by sun exposure.
  • Vitamin E is an ultra-rich antioxidant derived from the Tocopheryl Acetate. This vitamin targets skin cells and prevents them from oxidative stress and other free radicals. This vitamin can also renew skin, getting rid of even the oldest scars and marks.
  • Glycolic Acid acts directly on the skin’s innermost layers, leaving it smoother and softer with an even tone and shine. In addition to this, Glycolic Acid stimulates skin natural renovation by improving moisture and collagen synthesis. This ingredient will bring you a firm, elastic and “juicy” skin.
  • Niamicine is a high-tech component that reduces the amount of pigmented spots on your face as well as prevents them. It brings skin to an even tone with a bright appearance.


Instructions to use:

The Bruno Vassari Glyco System Protective Cream is recommended for daily use, especially after exfoliating treatments. To apply this product, start with a clean, dry face. Apply in the mornings. Pour a small amount of the cream in the palm of your hand and apply thoroughly on face, neck and decollete. Let the product absorb completely and repeat the process several times a day, especially before sun exposure.


Benefits of Bruno Vassari Glyco System Protective Cream SPF25:

  • The Glyco System Protective Cream provides nourishing and deep hydration to the skin.
  • Protects your epidermis from unwanted, premature aging.
  • Thanks to the Niamicine in the formula, this cream prevents further pigmentation and reduces existing dark spots on your face.
  • It gives you an even tone with glowing and healthy results.
  • The vitamin E gets rid of even the oldest scars and marks on your face, completely renewing it from scratch.

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